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How To Check My Car Insurance


Who is my car insurance with?

Getting your car insurance details isn’t always easy, In a perfect world we’d all know exactly where to look when we want to dig up information on old transactions. However the reality for many is that after taking out an insurance policy, we simply move on with our day and hope we don’t need to use it. As a result, when it comes time to dig up those old policy details, we’re sometimes left wondering where to begin…

how can I check my car insurance?

If you aren’t sure which insurance company you have taken out coverage with, there are some practical steps you can follow to confirm your details.

  • Check your emails – Insurers should send you your policy details- on completion of purchase. Try typing in “insurance”, “policy”, “car insurance”, “van insurance” and “premium” to comb your inbox for past emails sent by your insurer. Even if you didn’t end up taking out an insurance policy, if you have used sites like Quotezone.co.uk then your past quotes will also likely be in your email inbox.
  • Check the Motor Insurance Database – The MID have the details of all insured vehicles in the UK, and will be able to provide you with your vehicle insurance details. Check your registration number here. You’ll need to pay a small fee to get the name of your insurer.
  • Check bank account and credit card statements – This can provide you with information on payments made to insurers, either in past one-off transactions or in automatic renewal payments.

Checking your car insurance policy details can involve a bit of detective work, however with the right know-how, you can avoid having to pay to retrieve your policy details and avoid risking driving uninsured.

What If you aren’t insured?

If you discover that you don’t have insurance or your previous policy has expired, you cannot drive until you take out a minimum of third-party insurance cover. Driving without insurance is illegal in the UK and can lead to severe consequences. If you’re caught driving without the minimum insurance coverage, you may face a fixed penalty of £300, six points on your license, as well as your vehicle potentially being seized or even destroyed. If you are taken to court you may be disqualified from driving and receive an unlimited fine.

  • Fixed penalty of £300
  • 6 points on your licence
  • Your vehicle may be seized
  • Your vehicle may be destroyed
  • If taken to court you may be disqualified from driving
  • Unlimited fine

Car insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers in the UK for a reason. It provides financial protection for drivers and passengers in the event of an accident, theft, or damage to property and ensures that innocent drivers aren’t left in a situation where the at-fault party is unable to compensate them. Unfortunately there are an estimated 1 million uninsured drivers on UK roads according to Motor Insurers’ Bureau and this has a detrimental impact for those who do the right thing and pay their premiums. The cost of injury, damage and death as a result of uninsured drivers

Not taking out the minimum required insurance results in higher premiums for law-abiding drivers across the country as the costs of damages, injuries and deaths are covered by the MIB which in turn pushes up. Getting insured is easy and not only will it provide you with the peace of mind that comes with being insured it helps keep the price of premiums down for all UK drivers.

How to get car insurance

Getting car insurance is easy, you’ll simply need to provide a few details about yourself, your car and your desired level of coverage. You will then get a quote based on the answers you give outlining the cost of your policy. You can get cheaper car insurance by implementing a few practical steps. Read the following for tips on saving on your car insurance today.

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This article is intended as generic information only and is not intended to apply to anybody’s specific circumstances, demands or needs. The views expressed are not intended to provide any financial service or to give any recommendation or advice. Products and services are only mentioned for illustrative rather than promotional purposes.

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