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Ferrari 488 Insurance

Insure a Ferrari 488 GTB

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Ferrari 488 GTB insurance

Sleek, sporty and sophisticated, the Ferrari 488 GTB might only have a mid-sized engine but its performance and driving experience is intense. From one of the most premium car firms in the world, and with a staggering price tag, it’s likely that you’ll want to ensure it’s protected at all times.

Ferrari 488 insurance won’t just protect your car though. You, your passengers, other people and their cars can also be protected with the right policy in place. 

Insure your Ferrari 488 GTB today, and start enjoying a wonderful driving experience.


Is it expensive to insure a Ferrari 488 GTB?

Yes, cars are rated into 1 of 50 groups depending on how expensive they are to insure. Ferraris are in group 50 which means they are one of the most expensive.


Why is Ferrari car insurance expensive?

Luxury cars are more expensive to insure because the cost to replace or fix them is usually higher. Ferraris also boast powerful engines and can be driven faster than standard cars which increases the chances of an accident and also results in higher insurance. 


What insurance should I get for my Ferrari 488 GTB?

Fully comprehensive is the highest level of insurance and favoured by many Ferrari drivers because it provides the best level of protection. Under this insurance, your car will be covered if it’s damaged in an accident or stolen. Other people, their cars and property will also be covered. 


How can I reduce my car insurance quote?

Adding another more experienced driver to your policy can often reduce the overall quote. With a car like this, however, the main ways to reduce your car insurance quote is to ensure it is somewhere safe overnight and invest in additional security measures. 


Is it cheaper to insure a new Ferrari 488 GTB?

No, luxury cars like this are actually more expensive to replace if they are newer which means the overall car insurance quote is likely to be more too. 


What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary Ferrari 488 GTB car insurance will cover you for a few days, until you purchase full car insurance. Temporary insurance policies are commonly used to allow people to drive home from the garage that they have bought their new car from. 


Will my age affect my car insurance quote?

Yes, drivers between the ages of 40 and 50 usually have the best rates of insurance. This is because younger drivers are believed to take more risks on the road which can result in more accidents. Your individual insurance quote will depend on your driving history and experience however, as well as if you’ve been involved in an accident previously.