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Compare Tesla Car Insurance

Owning a prestige car like a Tesla could involve a significant amount of money. Regardless of how well off a person is it could be unlikely that they are willing to let a high value vehicle go uninsured or run the risk of it being stolen. Driving on UK roads tends to involve having a valid insurance policy in place and as such the owner of a premium branded car could look to investigate the possibilities of Tesla car insurance that is unique to their vehicle and easy to compare online.

The higher the value of the car it might be presumed that the higher the price of the insurance package. However, using a comparison to search for cover might just throw up some cheap Tesla car insurance options. Entering a few basic details about the driver and about the history of the vehicle in question might just return some surprising results. It might also be possible to bring down the cost of cover by adding security measures to a vehicle such as a tracker or keeping the car in a locked garage when not in use. These things could demonstrate less of a risk to insurance company and may lower premiums.

To compare Tesla car insurance may be the first step when shopping for premium car cover and looking online could be the first place most people might look. Looking for insurance doesn’t have to be a chore and one great thing about a comparison company is that they could perhaps put owners in touch with specialist insurers that could help with this kind of cover. Not everyone may have the opportunity to own a Tesla and so getting the insurance cover right could be important. This might be why some may prefer to put their Tesla car insurance cover choices in the hands of professionals.

Why is Tesla car insurance so expensive?

Tesla cars may seem expensive to insure when compared to contemporary car makes, however when you consider the high repair costs and the specialisation of servicing them, the higher insurance premiums make sense. The ultimate determinant of how much you’ll pay on your Tesla car insurance is the model you wish to insure along with the level of coverage you wish to take out. For example the Model- S85 tends to be more expensive to insure than the most popular make, the model 3. The level of coverage you elect to take out will also naturally influence the price of your premiums. Generally the more comprehensive your coverage, the more you can expect to pay on your premiums. 

How much is Tesla car insurance?

The cost of your Tesla car insurance will depend on many factors and no two insurance quotes will ever exactly be the same. This due to the fact that your policy will assess a range of factors such as your age, driving history, Tesla model as previously mentioned, where you live as well and also your desired type of coverage. This list is not exhaustive but should provide you with an idea of what you can expect when it comes to your insurance premiums. 

The extras you decide to include on your Tesla policy can also impact your overall premiums. For example popular add-ons which don’t come as standard are as follows:

  • Car Key Cover – This will insure you against cost of replacing your keys should they become, lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Personal Belongings Cover – This insures you against the cost of your possessions should they become stolen, damaged or lost.
  • Personal Accident Cover – This will pay you out a lump sum should you be fatally or seriously injured in a motor accident. It can offer you and your family some protection from the loss of income that’ll result from serious injury or death.
  • Windscreen Cover – This will cover you against the cost of window repair or replacement.
How can Quotezone help to find cheap car insurance?

Quotezone.co.uk will help you to find cheaper car insurance through our panel of specialist UK based insurance providers. Simply fill in our short details form and start comparing multiple quotes in minutes with our non-biased and independent insurance comparison site. More than 3 million users so far have compared insurance with us for cheaper deals, so give it a try yourself and find a great policy today!

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