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Caravan Awning Insurance

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Caravan Awning Insurance 

Compare caravan insurance quotes with caravan awning cover

Your caravan awning can be used for so many practical things when on holiday. It provides you with extra space to rest, relax and have fun. If you know how to put up a caravan awning and know how to measure one you a ready to start making the most of your caravan. But like with most good things, you should first consider insurance.


What is awning insurance?

Some insurance providers will include awning insurance as part of the caravan insurance policy. But not all will. If you are looking to compare insurance quotes with awning cover, look no further than Quotezone.co.uk. We can search the market and find you a quote that includes awning insurance. Awnings don’t come cheap, running into the high hundreds of pounds. Bearing this in mind, and considering they are liable to damage, insuring your awning is worthwhile.


What is the job of an awning?

An awning can provide you with pretty much double the floor space of your caravan. You could create additional bedroom space, play space, or extending the living space. Equally, the awning can be used to extend the outside area, providing warmth, shade or shelter. 


What kind of awning do I need? 

There are a plethora of awning types out there and you want to find the one that makes the most of the space it provides. Do be mindful that a full sized awning can weigh a considerable amount, so if carrying that extra weight is going to be an issue, look around for a smaller/lighter version. 


Are caravan awnings universal?

Pretty much, yes. Most awnings are universal and can be transferred should you buy a new touring caravan. 


Can you sleep in a caravan awning? 

It is perfectly reasonable to sleep in a caravan awning. However, you are essentially sleeping in a tent and it will be considerably cooler in the awning than in the caravan. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment to keep you warm on those chilly nights. 


How long does a caravan awning last?

Awnings tend to come with a life span. A fairly inexpensive polyester awning will come with a life of around 16 -20 weeks. If your average family makes use of their awning for five weeks of the year, that awning could last around 4 years. 

You will get forewarning that your awning is nearing the end of it’s working life. The thin sheet material will become drier and more brittle, eventually giving way and splitting. 


How do I keep my caravan awning warm? 

You could put a smaller tent inside the awning to create an inner shell, potentially keeping the space warmer. 


Where can I get the cheapest quotes for my caravan awning insurance?

We have been helping caravanners get on the road for many years. We understand that your caravan is your gateway to a get away and protecting your little holiday home is extremely important. We can find you the perfect quote at the cheapest of prices. Give us a call or visit us online at Quotezone.co.uk.