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Basic Caravan insurance

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Having your own home away from home is a dream for many. If you have a static holiday home and you are looking to compare holiday caravan insurance, read on to find answers to some important questions.

Do I need to insure my caravan?

There is no legal obligation to insure your caravan. However, if your caravan is damaged by fire, theft or flood and it isn’t insured, it could come at great expense to fix. In addition to this, should you be responsible for causing damage to people or property with your caravan, you will be legally bound to compensate them. Insurance simply offers you financial and personal assistance in the event of a mishap.

So how can we help you?

Give us a call or visit us at Quotezone.co.uk. so we can find you the cheapest quote out there.

What is covered in basic caravan insurance?

All insurance products are tiered, meaning you can opt for the most basic level of cover or add other more comprehensive products.

We recommend that you cover your caravan for damage or loss as the result of a fire, theft, flood or storm.

If you are towing your caravan we also advise that you take out basic cover against accidental damage when you are on the road with your tourer. If you are the owner of a tourer, this is the time you are most prone to accidents so even the most basic insurance should cover you against this.

Basic cover should also cover your contents. You might find that your home contents policy protects high value items like jewellery or tech. You might want to extend this cover if you have expensive sports equipment or other valuable items with you.

If you are travelling abroad with your caravan, even basic cover should include cover for European travel.

You can opt for a new for old policy too but this will increase the cost of your over all policy.

How does new for old caravan insurance work?

Whether you own a static, touring or motorhome caravan, you might want to consider adding new for old cover to your insurance policy. New for old means that should your caravan be damaged in anyway, the insurance provider will pay you what the damaged items were worth when you bought them, not what they are worth at current market value. Current value could be considerably less, as caravans like many things depreciate in value as they age.

Are there different types of caravan insurance?

There are three different types of caravan insurance.

If you own a touring caravan, you will want Touring caravan insurance. This policy covers caravans which are towed.

The second type of caravan insurance is for Static caravan insurance. This policy covers caravans that permanently pitched on caravan parks or sites. They are classed as being pitched in fixed positions.

The final type of caravan insurance is for Trailer tent and Folding caravan insurance. These policies protect trailer tents and folding caravans.

How can I keep my basic caravan insurance cheap?

You can make provisions to reduce the cost of your basic caravan insurance.

Register your ownership with the Central Reservation and Identification scheme. This will enable the police to recover your caravan should it be stolen.

Fit trackers to your caravan, even on cheaper models. Insurance providers will often issue discounts to caravan owners who have trackers fitted.

If you are able to, store your caravan at an approved storage site. This can reduce your premium.

Take the time and patience to secure your caravan, buy ground anchors and hitch posts. Caravan wheel clamps will also convince your insurance provider you are security conscious and less likely to be at risk of a claim.

Where can I find the cheapest quotes for basic caravan insurance?

We have been sourcing the cheapest quotes for caravan insurance for more than a decade. We know you want all the benefits of comprehensive cover without the sky-high fees. Visit us online at Quotezone.co.uk, provide us with a super-quick summary of your needs and we will do the rest. Easy.