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Compare Elddis Caravans Quotes Online

In addition to campervans and motorhomes, Elddis manufactures a selection of high-quality caravans to suit a range of needs.

To ensure that your Elddis holiday travels go smoothly, getting hold of the best – and least expensive – insurance you can should be your top priority. Find out more about insuring your prized Elddis caravan below.


Do you need separate insurance for caravans?

Unlike with motor vehicles, caravans do not need to be insured. This applies even if you take yours out on the roads. Still, the value of your Elddis means you’ll most likely want the greatest protection possible.

Some events are simply outside of your control, so having precautions in place is wise.


Can I reduce my Elddis caravan insurance?

There are a number of factors which will determine how much you pay for your caravan insurance. This includes factors personal to yourself and your caravan, such as value and previous driving experience.

Where you park your caravan and how you secure it can also have an impact on insurance costs. Proving to an insurer that you take extra security measures (such as wheel clamps and fitted trackers) may help lower your annual fees.


What type of insurance can I choose for my Elddis caravan?

There are two primary types of caravan insurance available:

  • Touring caravan insurance: This applies to all caravans that are hauled by a vehicle. As an Elddis owner, this will most likely be the insurance you need.
  • Static caravan insurance: This insurance is designed for caravans that are in fixed positions and are not towed by another vehicle.

What does caravan insurance protect my Elddis from?

Most caravan insurance policies should provide protection against the following:

  • Theft: caravans are prime targets for burglars, so this type of cover is important.
  • Internal and external damage: this may depend on the provider, but most policies offer some level of protection for any accidental damage that your caravan may sustain, both inside and out.
  • Third party liability: in the event your caravan harms another person or their property (such as from a road traffic accident), your insurers will assist you with any compensation claims.

Where can I find Elddis caravan insurance?

Using our online comparison tool, you can quickly access a selection of Elddis caravan insurance quotes. We’ll help you find a package that offers value for money, while still providing the level of cover you need.


Do Elddis caravans come with a warranty?

Like some of the other leading caravan companies, Elddis caravans are backed with a ten-year water ingress and body integrity warranty. It is worth remembering, though, that specialist caravan insurance will give you a much more comprehensive range of cover.