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Compare Lunar Caravan Insurance

Competitive quotes from across the UK to insure Lunar caravans

Although Lunar went into administration in 2019, new ownership has given the brand a potential lease of life, and plenty of successful models are still being enjoyed by many.

If you are the owner of a Lunar caravan, you will want to find the most comprehensive cover, at the most competitive price possible. To help you do so, we’ve compiled the most important information you need to know when taking out caravan insurance.


Do you need separate insurance for caravans?

No, you do not legally need to insure your caravan. It is a sensible investment though, particularly if you are looking to travel with yours in the future. Car insurance will only protect your car from road accidents and not your caravan.

To save paying huge expenses in a worst-case scenario, it is, therefore, a smart idea to find an insurance policy for your caravan. You’ll also be at ease knowing your caravan is covered against theft, fire, and weather damage.


Can I reduce my Lunar caravan insurance?

There are different questions insurers will ask when offering you a caravan insurance policy. This includes things such as your previous driving experience and claims history, along with your caravan’s value and condition. These can all have an influence on your Lunar caravan insurance cost.

If you are looking to lower this cost, taking sensible precautions when it comes to securing your Lunar caravan can reassure your provider.


What type of insurance can I choose for my Lunar caravan?

There are two main types of caravan insurance to be aware of: tourer caravan insurance and static caravan insurance. It is likely that your Lunar caravan insurance policy will be of the tourer variety.

Tourer insurance concerns all caravans that are being towed by a vehicle, while static caravan insurance is for caravans that do not move and remain in the same location, being more akin to home insurance.


What does caravan insurance protect my Lunar from?

Across the board, you will find that caravan insurance policies will afford protection against the risk of theft, fire, road damage, and weather damage. These are usually the basics.

There are some exclusions, however, such as vermin and insect damage, or cases of wear and tear.


Where can I find Lunar caravan insurance?

Lunar may have ceased making caravans for now, but you can still compare Lunar caravan insurance quotes for their existing units online. Make sure you find a package that offers value for money, while still fulfilling your demands where it comes to the level of cover you expect.


Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid?

Lunar, unfortunately, entered administration, with trading put to a standstill back in 2019. However, certain models are still backed by warranties, including those from 2017 to 2019. Make sure you check the Lunar website to see in detail what their warranties offer, and if your model is eligible. Having comprehensive caravan insurance for your Lunar will be a good idea regardless.