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Sterling Caravan Insurance

Looking for the best Sterling caravan insurance quotes?

Sterling caravans fall under the Swift group, being made with the same level of care and expertise that you would expect from the top manufacturer.

If you are the proud owner of a Sterling caravan and want to protect it with the best cover possible – and at the lowest price – then read through this guide for all you need to know.


Do you need separate insurance for caravans?

The simple answer is no – you are not legally required to have caravan insurance. As the owner of a Sterling though, you will likely be keen to protect your prize unit.

Sterling caravans can be a significant investment, so it pays to protect your own from as many risks as possible. In addition to covering your caravan while on the roads, most insurance policies will cover fire damage, weather damage, as well as theft.


How much do you pay for caravan insurance?

There are various factors that will determine how much you pay for caravan insurance, such as your previous experience and claims history, as well as the make and value of your caravan itself.

As a rough estimate though, you could expect to pay in the region of £150 per year for caravan insurance.


Can I reduce my Sterling caravan insurance?

Although caravan insurance tends to be affordable, there is no harm in taking some precautions to reduce the amount you have to pay. Consider these steps to reduce your Sterling caravan insurance:

  • Improve your caravan security — Park in safer areas and use wheel locks to deter thieves. Adding a tracking device is another option.
  • Improve your caravan safety — Fitting your caravan with features that increase its road safety could lower costs further (such as devices that increase towing safety)
  • Join a caravan club — Some insurers will offer more competitive rates if you are the member of a recognised club.

What type of insurance can I choose for my Sterling caravan?

There are two main forms of caravan insurance: tourer caravan insurance and static caravan insurance. As the owner of a Sterling, it is likely you will benefit from tourer insurance. This type of insurance is for caravans that are being towed by a vehicle, while static caravan insurance is for caravans that do not move and remain in the same location.


What does caravan insurance protect my Sterling from?

As standard, most caravan insurance policies will afford protection against the risk of theft, fire, road damage, and weather damage. This may include third person liability, as well as European cover.


Can I take my Sterling Abroad?

You can insure touring caravans to travel around Europe, but not all providers will offer this type of cover. Be sure to compare different policies first if you plan on travelling abroad.


Where can I find Sterling caravan insurance?

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, you can easily browse a range of insurance quotes for Sterling’s online. By comparing different providers, you can find a policy that offers you the most cover within your budget.