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Compare Reliant Robin Insurance Quotes

While some people might associate Reliant Robin cars with Mr Bean, there can be little doubt that these iconic three-wheeled vehicles are true British classics – particularly if you own a MK1 or MK2 Reliant Robin.

Whichever model you own, though, it pays to shop around when you’re ready to ensure a Reliant Robin. By comparing policies from a wide range of different classic car insurance specialists you can increase your odds of finding the right cover at the right price, and all it takes is one short form.

Compare Reliant Robin insurance quotes now

What is the average cost of Reliant Robin insurance?

There isn’t really an average premium when you’re insuring a Reliant Robin, because every insurance provider will factor a wide range of risk variables into their insurance premium calculation, and many of those variables will be unique to your and your car.

For example, when your Reliant Robin was manufactured, whether it’s a MK1, MK2 or MK3, its estimated annual mileage, your location and where you park the car will all affect the cost of your Reliant Robin insurance.

In addition, your own age, your driving record, and your no claims history will influence your premium too.

The best plan is to compare Reliant Robin insurance quotes from a wide range of different providers, and then go with the one that offers the best policy at the most competitive price.

Are Reliant Robins more expensive to insure because they only have three wheels?

While having three wheels instead of four does affect a car’s handling, and in theory could make the vehicle more unstable on the road, most Reliant Robin owners are very safe drivers with lower than average accident rates and insurance claims rates.

Whether this is because Reliant Robin owners are more likely to be older drivers, or because people who drive these cars tend to be more conscious of the vehicle’s handling specifically because it has three wheels, the net result is that Reliant Robin car insurance is sometimes cheaper than insuring a different make and model.

Is it true my Reliant Robin car insurance will cost less if this isn’t my primary vehicle?

Yes, if you also own another car that you use as your primary vehicle then your Reliant Robin car insurance will often be a bit cheaper.

The rationale for that is that if you spend most of your time driving your primary vehicle you won’t take your Reliant Robin out on the road as often, which means it’s less likely to be involved in an accident.

How can I find cheap Reliant Robin insurance?

First and foremost, you should shop around by comparing Reliant Robin insurance policies from a wide range of different insurers.

In addition to that, the following steps could help to lower the cost of your Reliant Robin insurance:

  • Reducing your mileage: Your estimated annual mileage is an important risk factor for insurers, so if you reduce your mileage you could benefit from cheaper insurance.
  • Parking your Reliant Robin in a garage when you aren’t driving it: Cars that are parked on the roadside are at a higher risk of being hit by a passing vehicle, so parking your Reliant Robin in a garage can often result in cheaper insurance.
  • Agreeing to pay annually: Paying for Reliant Robin insurance on an annual basis is usually cheaper than signing up for a monthly payment plan.