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Cheap TV insurance policies

TVs are a staple of the modern household, in the UK it is estimated that over 27 million households now have at least one TV. Despite the growing trend of subscription based services challenging traditional television broadcasting, the TV has not been made obsolete. In fact the sale of TVs has continued to rise throughout the years with other uses such as gaming, casting and streaming all being popular alternative uses to traditional broadcasting. While TVs have not lost their appeal, they are no longer the large and bulky appliances they once were. Today’s TVs are slim and flat, with various features, from 4K Ultra HD to curved screens. But they are also expensive.

TV insurance will give you peace of mind that if something happens to your TV, it can be repaired or replaced without you having to foot a huge bill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which TV makes and models can be covered by insurance?

You can get TV insurance for almost any TV make and model, including Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. In short, if you wish to cover your TV then there’ll be a policy for you. The only notable exceptions are usually TVs which have been modified or altered since purchase. Many TVs will include a warranty against damages and malfunctions for the first year since purchase. These warranties typically include free part replacements and repairs carried out at the expense of the TV manufacturer. Insuring your TV beyond this point is recommended if you wish to keep yourself covered. Having insurance can also offer you additional coverage not found on a standard warranty, for example coverage against accidental damage.

Does my home contents insurance cover my TV?

Your contents insurance may cover your TV, so check your policy documents. However, most home contents insurance policies cover appliances for theft, fire and flood damage only.

Electrical breakdowns and other manufacturing errors or malfunctions are not usually covered and will therefore require a dedicated TV insurance policy. TVs are still susceptible to damage and malfunctions just as with any other electronic device. Whilst your manufacturers warranty may cover you for these issues within the allotted time, usually 12 months, there is still the issue of covering your TV after this period.

What does TV insurance cover?

TV insurance covers your television for theft, accidental damage and if something unexpectedly goes wrong with it outside the manufacturer’s warranty. All the costs involved in repairing your TV, such as engineer call outs, repairs, parts and labour, are covered. If the TV cannot be repaired, you will receive a replacement or a financial contribution towards purchasing a replacement. Some TV insurance policies will also cover accessories such as DVD players.

Typical things that are covered by TV insurance include the following:

  • Accidental damage – Unfortunately accidents happen, and insurers know this. Pets and small children can cause unexpected damages and expensive repair/replacement bills. Because of this, many households opt for TV insurance to ensure their expensive entertainment systems.
  • Malfunctions – Although typical wear and tear is not covered by most TV insurance policies, a malfunction that falls outside the warranty period but is otherwise not due to wear and tear is usually insurable. For example, sound but no image, Echoed sound, lagging image, mismatched audio and image. Some of these can be fixed by organising a visit to your local electronic repair store, however others will likely require a replacement all together. 
  • Theft – No matter where you live, there is unfortunately still a chance that you may be exposed to theft or burglary. If this occurs, it is a good idea to have some form of cover in place as a stolen TV is unlikely to be recovered. Common tips for reducing the chance of TV theft include, keeping your TV away from the main window or door, having secure locks on windows and doors and having your TV fixed on a mount where possible.
What does TV insurance not cover?

Although TV insurance is a great way on ensuring your TV is insured for replacement and repair costs, there are some instances in which most insurers will not be willing to cover your TV. Most TV insurance policies do not cover:

  • Damage to the TV caused by wear and tear
  • Deliberate damage to the TV
  • Gross negligence
  • A default or fault with the TV that the manufacturer or supplier is responsible for
  • Faults with the TV that existed before the start of the TV insurance policy

Although these exclusions are mostly universal between insurers, the best way of getting a clear idea of what exclusions are in your policy is to consult your policy documentation directly. If there are any points that are still unclear, you are encouraged to contact your insurer directly for clarity.

Can I insure more than one TV?

Absolutely, Insurers will allow you to take out TV insurance for one TV or multiple TVs. You may wish to only insure your main TV, which is likely to be the most expensive one in your home, usually between £500 and £1000. Many insurance providers will offer you discounts if you choose to insure multiple TVs or other appliances.

How to get cheaper TV insurance?

You can get cheaper TV insurance by:

  • Comparing TV insurance quotes from top insurers
  • Taking out a higher excess
  • Take out multi-appliance insurance to cover other appliances in your home
  • Maintain a good credit score

The easiest way of finding cheaper TV insurance is to compare multiple quotes across a broad range of insurers. This increases your chances of finding cheap TV insurance as you are not limiting yourself to only a few insurers. You should always read the policy details before making a purchase and understand any limitations of coverage.

How do I compare TV insurance policies?

To help you find the best TV insurance, it’s a good idea to compare:

  • Excess: How much you can pay towards the claim. A high excess will usually mean you will save money on your premium.
  • Monthly cost: The cost of your policy depends on what TV insurance cover you want and your claims history.
  • Maximum cover: How much the insurer will pay out if you make a claim. This should be enough to cover replacing your TV if it breaks.
  • Check what kinds of damage are covered: For example, check the coverage for accidental spills, screen cracks, and mechanical breakdown, pay close attention for any exclusions.
  • Check if your insurer covers older TVs: Some insurers may not cover TVs older than 6 to 12 months old.
Tips for keeping your TV from malfunctioning

The average lifespan of a TV is typically 10 years, however this largely comes down to how well you maintain and look after it. For example typical wear and tear can be accelerated by damp conditions, so avoiding placing your TV near the entrances to bathrooms and kitchens can help reduce this risk.

Here are some handy tips on keeping your TV fit for purpose and reducing the need to make a claim;

  • Keep your TV clean – Don’t let dust and dirt build up over time as this can cause overheating and other issues
  • Keep your TV out of reach of small children and pets – This can reduce the chances of pets and small children damaging TV
  • Make sure you move your TV with care – If you need to move your TV then ensure you are gentle and don’t expose it to unnecessary force.
  • Use Surge protectors – Electrical surges can damage your accessories, by getting a surge protector you can protect your TV from potential damage.

If you are looking to compare TV insurance cover, Quotezone.co.uk can help. We will search our database of over 100 leading insurance providers to provide you with the best quotes.