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Cooker Insurance

Compare cheap cooker insurance quotes

Whether you’ve invested in a high-end cooker from the likes of Aga, Rangemaster, Smeg or AEG, or have opted for a mid-range model from Beko, Zanussi, Hotpoint or Indesit, your cooker is the centrepiece of your kitchen and plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy, happy home.

Unfortunately you and your family could be left with very empty pockets (and equally empty stomachs) if your beloved range cooker breaks down.

That’s why it might be a wise move to invest in kitchen appliance insurance for your electric cooker or gas cooker…and wiser still to compare the best cooker insurance quotes from specialist insurance firms in order to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Before you sign on the dotted line, though, it’s worth checking whether your cooker is still covered under its kitchen appliance warranty, in which case you might get to enjoy many more meals before you have to fork out for cooker insurance.

If you’ve had your cooker for a while, though, and you didn’t take out an extended kitchen appliance warranty when you bought it, then you might want to consider getting a quote for a new cooker insurance policy now.

Compare cooker insurance providers

How do I know if my cooker is still under warranty?

Cooker manufacturers offer a range of standard warranty periods, but at a minimum each will usually offer a one year warranty provided the domestic appliance was brand new when purchased.

In addition to that one year kitchen appliance warranty, Aga offers customers an additional five years of cooker insurance provided the appliance has been installed by an Aga-approved technician.

Smeg, Rangemaster, AEG and Beko all offer customers a two year cooker warranty as standard, while the standard Zanussi, Indesit and Hotpoint cooker insurance usually lasts for one year.

If you’re unsure about whether your appliance is still under warranty it’s best to check the documentation you received with your cooker.

Is an extended kitchen appliance warranty a waste of money?

The short answer is ‘it depends’.

Some domestic appliance insurance providers can offer cooker insurance for as little as 16p per day, but the exact premium you will pay will depend on how much your cooker is worth.

Of course, even just 16p a day would amount to a waste of money if your cooker is already covered by a different warranty or insurance policy, so a lot will depend on your own individual situation.

If you do decide to take out a cooker insurance policy it will probably come as no surprise to discover that expensive cookers attract higher insurance premiums, but on the other hand the more you actually paid for your cooker the more you stand to gain from having cooker insurance cover if something does go wrong.

For example, if you bought a high-end Aga range cooker it could cost you up to £11,000, which would mean your cooker would be worth more than many cars currently on the road today. In that situation, investing in kitchen appliance insurance probably would be a wise decision if the cooker is no longer under warranty.

Will my cooker be covered by my contents insurance?

Again, the short answer has to be ‘it depends’.

If you have taken out contents insurance then there is a good possibility your kitchen appliance will be at least partially covered if it is damaged by flood or a kitchen fire.

However, many contents insurance policies will have a cap on how much they will pay out for any one appliance, so if you owned an £11,000 Aga and it was destroyed in a kitchen fire you would probably only receive a portion of that loss from the home insurance company.

It is also important to bear in mind that most contents insurance policies do not cover kitchen appliances against normal wear and tear, which means if your cooker or other domestic appliance simply breaks down you likely won’t be covered.