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Dishwasher Insurance 

Compare cheap dishwasher insurance

Dishwashers are a lifesaver for many households, particularly homes with children where dirty plates, dishes and cups can pile up surprisingly quickly. 

But dishwashers can range from £200 right up to £1,000 or £2,000 or even £3,000, and there are top-of-the-range dishwashers that can set you back as much as £5,000 or £6,000. The more your dishwasher is worth, the more you could benefit from a suitable dishwasher insurance policy. Compare home appliance insurance policies with Quotezone and start saving on the cover you need. Insure your dishwasher, fridge freezer, tumble drier and contents in moments and start saving on your premiums today.

Insure Your Dishwasher Now

Is dishwasher insurance worth the money? 

That’s a decision that will need to be made on an individual basis. 

If you own a relatively low-cost Hotpoint, Kenwood or Logik dishwasher that you only paid a few hundred quid for then you might decide that this type of insurance policy isn’t worth the cost or the trouble. After all, if your dishwasher kicks the bucket it won’t break the bank for you to replace it with a similar model at a similar price point. 

But if you own a high-end Miele, Winterhalter or Samsung dishwasher, the cost of repairing or replacing that appliance could prove painful if something goes wrong. In that case, a good dishwasher insurance policy could prove to be more than worth the money. 

What does dishwasher insurance cover? 

That’ll vary a little from one provider to the next, but in most cases, a good dishwasher insurance policy will cover you for: 

  • Mechanical breakdown, including the cost of repairs 
  • Replacement parts, including the cost of labour to replace those parts 
  • The cost of replacing the dishwasher if it can’t be repaired 

Is accidental damage covered under dishwasher insurance? 

Possibly maybe, but probably not. 

Some dishwasher insurance policies may include accidental damage cover as standard, although that’s certainly not typical. With some policies, you may be given the option to add accidental damage cover, although you’ll likely pay extra for that. 

What about damage to the kitchen, will that be covered by my dishwasher insurance? 

No, although a faulty dishwasher may well cause damage to other appliances if it leaks, and damage to flooring, walls and cupboards in those scenarios as well, dishwasher insurance generally only covers the cost of repairing or replacing the dishwasher itself, so those other types of damage won’t be covered. 

If you have ‘home emergency cover’ that may well cover the cost of damage to kitchen walls, floors etc if the dishwasher suffers a leak, but despite the similar name home emergency cover is an entirely separate policy from home appliance cover.  

How much does dishwasher insurance cost in the UK? 

Good question, but hard to answer with any degree or accuracy. 

Insurance providers will take a wide range of different risk factors into account when they’re calculating the cost of your dishwasher insurance, including the make and model, estimated value, age of the appliance and your history of home appliance insurance claims. 

The best plan is to compare quotes that take your individual risk factors into account, which will give you an accurate idea of how much you’ll have to pay.  

Can I insure an older dishwasher? 

Yes, provided it isn’t older than the insurance provider’s maximum age limit for appliance cover. 

This age limit will vary from one provider to the next, ranging from five years with some companies up to 10 or even 15 years 

\Do I need proof of purchase for dishwasher insurance? 

You won’t need proof of purchase to sign up for dishwasher insurance, but some insurance providers may ask for this if and when you need to claim on your insurance. 

Does dishwasher insurance cover machine servicing? 

No, since dishwasher insurance is designed to protect you from the financial burden of unexpected and unforeseen repair or replacement costs, regular, ongoing servicing of your dishwasher generally won’t be covered by this type of policy. 

What happens to my dishwasher insurance if I move house? 

In most cases, you should simply be able to inform your insurance provider of your address change. They may charge a small administration fee to update their records, but coverage and the premium likely won’t change since your address is unlikely to have factored into the insurance premium calculation. 

The main exception is where your dishwasher is an integrated appliance and you agree to leave it for the new buyer when you sell your home. In that scenario, your dishwasher insurance policy is unlikely to be valid after you move out.  

Does dishwasher insurance cover theft? 

No, you’ll usually rely on your home contents insurance rather than your home appliance insurance if you are burgled. 

Of course, in the event of a burglary, your dishwasher is unlikely to be stolen in any case, since it’s plumbed in and will therefore be more difficult to steal than vacuum cleaners, TVs, laptops and iPads.  

How quickly can I get my dishwasher repaired or replaced after making a claim? 

That will depend on whether the insurance provider insists that you use their preferred supplier, or if you’re able to use any certified maintenance and repair service and then claim the cost back from the insurer. 

In the first scenario, the timeframe will depend on the backlog of work their preferred supplier has, while the second option might allow you to shop around a little until you find a repair service that is able to fix your dishwasher more quickly. 

If my dishwasher breaks and can’t be repaired how much will I receive to buy a new one? 

That will depend on the insurance provider you go with and on the age of your dishwasher. 

If your dishwasher is relatively new (eg three years old or less) then many providers will insure it on a new-for-old basis, which means it’ll be replaced with a brand-new dishwasher if it can’t be repaired.  

Some providers, on the other hand, may calculate the current market value of your dishwasher before it breaks down, and pay out that amount instead of a full new-for-old payout. 

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