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Washer Dryer Insurance

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Washer Dryer Insurance

If you own a relatively high-end washer dryer or tumble dryer that you forked out £2,000 or £3,000 for, then you probably aren’t going to want to shell out the same amount again if the machine kicks the bucket and you need a replacement. That’s where a decent washer-dryer insurance policy could come in handy because it could help with the financial burden of repairing or replacing your existing appliance if it breaks down. 

Insure a Washer-Dryer Now 

Is a washer-dryer warranty the same as washer-dryer insurance? 

No, not exactly the same although there are certainly similarities. 

Every appliance manufacturer in the UK has to provide a manufacturer’s warranty by law, which protects the buyer if the machine suffers a mechanical or electrical fault within the warranty period. 

In that sense, these warranties are very similar to insuring your washer-dryer yourself. 

However, manufacturers only have to offer a one-year warranty when you buy a brand new washer-dryer, whereas it is possible to insure older appliances when you take out a separate washer-dryer insurance policy.  

Some washer-dryer insurance policies will also insure you against a slightly broader range of risks than a warranty would do as well. Some Home insurance policies may offer home appliance insurance, covering your washer dryer, fridge freezer and other similar appliances.

What does washer-dryer insurance cover that a warranty wouldn’t? 

A big one is call-out charges. Washer-dryer insurance will often cover the cost of having your washer-dryer repaired by an engineer in your own home, whereas many warranties may require you to return the washer-dryer to the manufacturer for repair, which would obviously be a more laborious and time-consuming process.  

Can I have both a washer-dryer warranty and an insurance policy? 

Yes, it is possible to insure a washer-dryer that is still under warranty. 

It’s important to weigh up whether it’s worth the cost though, because although washer-dryer insurance does offer a bit more coverage there is a lot of overlap.  

You’ll also only be able to claim from one of them if the washer dryer breaks or requires repairs. 

Many owners choose to wait until their manufacturer’s warranty expires, and then sign up for an appliance insurance policy at that stage. 

Would it be better to just extend that warranty? 

No, not necessarily. 

Although it is possible to take out an extended warranty for your washer-dryer, an appliance insurance policy for your washer-dryer is sometimes a bit cheaper than an extended warranty. You could always compare the price of each one and decide from there. 

How much does washer-dryer insurance cost? 

That’ll depend on a whole host of variables that insurers will use to calculate the likelihood of an insurance claim. For example, the make and model of washer-dryer you’re insuring can affect the cost, as can the value of that appliance, your insurance claims history and your no-claims bonus. 

The best plan is to compare policies that take your own risk factors into account, and then go from there. 

Can previous claims affect the cost of my washer-dryer insurance policy? 

No, it would be your history of claims for appliance insurance, so if you’ve claimed on an entirely different type of insurance in the past that shouldn’t affect it. 

What does washer-dryer insurance insure my appliance against? 

That can vary slightly from one home appliance insurance provider to the next, but a typical policy will usually cover you for: 

  • Repair costs and call-out fees if your washer dryer stops working 
  • Replacement parts to repair the washer-dryer, including labour costs to fit those 
  • The cost of replacing the washer-dryer if it can’t be repaired. 
If someone damages my washer-dryer deliberately will that be covered? 

No, washer-dryer insurance doesn’t cover deliberate damage to the appliance. If your dryer is stolen or subject to criminal vandalism however, you may be covered as you did not inflict this damage yourself.

Is there a maximum age limit for insuring a washer? 

Yes, there is, although that limit can vary a bit from one insurance company to the next. 

Some providers will insure your washer dryer up to the age of five, while others might be willing to continue insuring the appliance until it is ten years old or possibly even older. 

Does insurance cover damage caused by hard water deposits? 

No, probably not. 

Deposits caused by hard water will likely fall under ‘normal wear and tear’, which generally isn’t something this type of policy will cover. 

The best plan is to regularly clean your washer-dryer with a descaler, which can prevent these deposits from building up too much and becoming an issue. 

If my washer dryer is damaged by fire will that be covered by this insurance? 

Possibly, although if you have home insurance it would make a lot more sense to claim for any fire damage on that policy, since it’s likely the fire would have damaged more than just the washer-dryer. 

It’s important to note that you can only claim for any ‘insurable event’ from one policy, so if you do claim on your home insurance you wouldn’t be able to make a separate claim on your appliance insurance. 

What happens if my washer-dryer can’t be repaired? 

In most cases, your washer-dryer insurance provider will attempt to have the appliance repaired, and if it is determined that it is irreparable then you should be able to claim for a replacement appliance

If I move home what happens to my washer-dryer insurance? 

It should still be valid, but you’ll need to inform the insurance provider of your change of address.  

They might charge a small fee to update their records with your new address details, but your location generally isn’t one of the risk factors that go into a washer-dryer insurance premium calculation so it’s unlikely the premium itself will change. 

Can I cancel a washer-dryer insurance policy if I don’t need it anymore? 

Yes, although you may not be able to get a refund because there will usually be a cancellation fee, and it’s possible this might be higher than the amount you paid.  

If you don’t own the washer-dryer anymore and that’s why you’d like to cancel the insurance policy, then the most important thing is to ensure the policy doesn’t automatically renew next year.