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American Import Car Insurance

Cheap American Car Insurance UK

If you are the proud owner of an American import, you should consider a motor insurance policy that is tailored to your own unique car. If you have invested considerable time and effort into restoring or repairing an American import, then the right coverage will be crucial in order to protect your investment.

Whilst some mainstream insurance providers may not cover imported left-hand drive cars that weren’t designed for the UK market, there are many specialised insurers available to compare. Some of these insurers may place restrictions on who can take out US car insurance, for examples:

  • Age and driving experience restrictions
  • Some providers require a minimum age of 25 and a driving license for two years.

There may also be additional restrictions if your US import is particularly powerful or in a high insurance group. Insurance providers have their own criteria for assessing how risky you are to insure, in addition to your car’s insurance group, so compare quotes carefully.

You may also need to arrange for the imported American car to be tested under the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme in order to ensure that it’s legal to drive in the UK.

American car insurance uk

Whether you are going to be driving a Ford Mustang, a Cadillac or even a Jeep, the same insurance rules still apply as with every other make of car on UK roads. American car imports have remained popular in the UK over the years, with many taking up foreign car collecting as a hobby. Getting insurance for your American import doesn’t need to be stressful, in fact, it can be fairly easy when you know where to look.

Insuring an imported American car can be challenging due to fewer insurance providers, some not covering left-hand drive cars, and restrictions on drivers over certain age or license holders. Other factors affecting insurance coverage include the availability of parts, technology, and the extent of car modifications. Insuring a car built in the UK may be more straightforward.

Is it more expensive to insure an American import?

Car insurance for imported American cars is typically more expensive than for UK-made vehicles due to factors such as the cost of the car, the size and performance of the engine, the cost of replacement parts, the need for specialist mechanics, and the car’s ability to conform to UK specifications. American cars are typically larger and more powerful than UK cars, making them a risk for insurance providers. The exact cost of cover depends on the car model and driving history, but American car insurance providers typically consider factors such as the purchase price, age, engine size and performance, cost of replacement parts, the need for specialist mechanics, and the car’s ability to conform to UK specifications. Imported US cars not intended for the EU market may not be assigned a UK car insurance group, making it harder for providers to calculate the risk of coverage. Specialist providers may also require an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test to ensure the car meets UK environmental and safety regulations.

How does American car insurance work in the UK?

Car insurance for American imports works in the same way as for insuring any other car in the UK. There may be some additional actions that need to be taken such as testing under the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme.

The levels of coverage available to your American import are the same as those you’d expect when insuring any other type of car:

If you are restoring an American import and have placed considerable work and resources into the restoration. It may be worth more than its market value. To ensure a replacement of equal value in case of theft or loss, you should consider the agreed value cover. This involves an upfront agreement with your insurance provider on the car’s worth, and you must provide evidence of its worth, and in some cases, a professional valuation.

How to get cheaper American import insurance

To get cheaper American car insurance, park securely, be a safe and careful driver, investigate removing non-UK modifications, increase your car insurance excess, and join a car club. American cars are high-value targets for car theft, so the cheapest policy might not be the best option. Building up your no-claims discount can reduce premiums. Additionally, consider increasing your car insurance excess, but make sure you can afford both the voluntary and compulsory excess. Finally, consider joining an accredited car club for American car owners to potentially receive discounts.

You should also compare as many insurers as possible before committing to a purchase. This is to ensure that you are getting the best insurance deal for your American import on the market.

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