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What is a car insurance group?


Car insurance groups can be confusing to the uninitiated, if you have never heard of them before or need to find out which group your car will fall under, this article has you covered.

What is a car insurance group

If you’re buying a brand-new or second-hand car, you should check which insurance group your car will fall under. Lower groups are the least valuable and easiest to repair meaning you will pay less on premiums for a lower group based solely on your car alone.

Here is a 2021 graph of the insurance groups and what the average annual premium range was.

Car insurance groupAverage annual premiums
1 to 10£500 – £550
11 to 20£550 – £600
21 to 30£600 – £650
31 to 40£750 – £800
41 to 50 £900 – £1000
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Young drivers tend to insure in groups 1 – 10 which in turn raises the premium for this bracket

How to save on your insurance

There are some steps you can take to help reduce your insurance premiums if your group amount is a little more than you were hoping.

  1. Always compare multiple car insurance quotes.
  2. Compare insurance costs before you buy a car.
  3. Raise your voluntary excess.
  4. Add an older driver to your insurance if you’re under 24
  5. Consider taking out Blackbox or Telematics insurance for lower premiums

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