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Looking for the best motorbike insurance?

Best motorbike insurance

Getting the best bike insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle, in fact it can be rather easy when you know where to look. Many people make the mistake of just settling for the first insurance quote they come across that looks cheap, they also allow policies to auto-renew which can mean potentially missing out on some great deals on the market.

It used to be the case that existing customers were not offered the same deals as new policyholders, however new rules introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2022 have since changed this. It still pays however to hunt around and compare the market for the best motorbike insurance offers however, you never know if your current provider is the best option.

Which motorbike insurance is best?

The best motorbike insurance policy can vary from person to person depending on their insurance coverage needs. For many motorcyclists however, best simply means the cheapest policy available.

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best motorbike insurance for you. You should remember that everyone’s requirements are not the same and some people may benefit from having additional coverage whilst others may get by with the most basic Third-Party coverage. The best motorbike insurance policy will really come down to your own personal situation and needs. A good rule of thumb to follow when hunting for the best motorcycle insurance is to look for policies that give you the most bang for your money and not necessarily just going with the cheapest option.

If you’re goal is the cheapest insurance possible however then this will be your priority and so hunting for the cheapest coverage will be your best approach. If you are looking for coverage that ticks more boxes however then you’ll need to be more savvy with your search. This can mean spending more time comparing quotes as well as comparing a greater number of providers as not all will offer the same coverage as standard.

Add-ons can also be another effective way of finding the best motorbike insurance for you as this will allow you to go beyond standard policies and better tailor your policy to your specific needs. This is especially important if you are riding a modified bike for example as many insurers will not cover these bikes as standard.

How do I find the best motorbike insurance for me?

Finding the right motorbike insurance may seem like a hassle, especially with the nagging feeling that you may have missed out on a better deal. The best way around this is to simply compare as many quotes as possible from across the UK market. This may seem easier said than done, however it doesn’t need to be a challenge. With Quotezone we have compiled a large panel of UK-based insurers which you can quickly compare side by side for fast answers and policies that work for you.

How to get cheaper motorbike insurance

There are a few things you can do to get the cheapest motorbike insurance quotes available to you. This can be done by following some practical steps such as getting quotes from as many insurers as possible, taking out the coverage necessary to your needs and avoiding any penalty points or claims.

Getting cheaper motorbike insurance quotes:

  • Compare quotes from different insurers. As we’ve already touched on, this is the easiest way of finding the best motorbike insurance for you as by simply comparing more insurers, your chances of getting the best deal increase. Be sure to compare as many companies on the market as possible.
  • Consider your needs and choose the right level of cover. If you are just looking for a policy that covers you to legally ride on UK roads then a basic third-party only will be the best coverage for you. If you need a more comprehensive level of coverage, then a comprehensive plan or add-on policy will likely tick more of the boxes you’re after.
  • Take a motorcycle safety course. A motorcycle safety course can reduce your premiums by as much as 10%. For long term savings, this could well be worth the investment.
  • Increase your voluntary excess. By increasing the voluntary excess of your insurance policy you can save on your premiums overall by reducing the total amount the insurer will need to pay you out in the event of an accident. It is important to note however that you should only elect to pay an amount of excess you know you can afford to pay.
  • Pay your premium annually. By paying annually you can avoid the interest charges that come with monthly payments. This means that you’ll pay a larger some in one go annually but in total you’ll save due to the removal of interest. Consider which one of these options works best for you.
  • Get a garage or secure parking. By keeping your motorbike locked up you can dramatically reduce the chances of it getting stolen. Insurers will reward you for this by reducing the price of your insurance as the likelihood of you needing to make a claim will be reduced.
  • Be honest with your insurer. When you are getting a quote for your motorbike insurance, be honest. Lying about your age, the conditions of you bike, previous accidents and driving charges can put you in trouble further down the line. Not only can lying invalidate you insurance if discovered, it will also invalidate any coverage you may have had against any previous claims, making you liable. It can also make getting future coverage difficult as you’ll be marked by insurers for having falsified your details.

How Quotezone can help you find the best motorbike insurance for you

Quotezone can help you find cheaper motorbike insurance by letting you compare a large panel of UK insurance providers, side by side, fast. Make the right decisions quickly in one place with our simple form format. Simply enter your details and start comparing quotes in minutes.

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