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Multi-Bike Insurance

it’s understandable that many bikers may wish to collect more than one motorbike, in fact its actually common. Whilst multiple motorbikes may pose a challenge to insure individually, insurers are aware of this and so it is possible to insure multiple vehicles under one policy. Not only is this convenient, it may even get you discounts on your premium for each additional bike added to the policy.

What can be covered

Whether you want to insure a classic bike, sports bike or touring bikes, most insurers will be able to accommodate your needs. Where things may potentially get complicated is if your bikes are modified. Depending on the modification you may not be able to take out cover. However if your modification doesn’t violate any laws then you will be able to take out insurance, however this will likely be at a higher premium.

You can cover your collection against Fire and theft, personal accident, legal expenses and breakdown cover, and European cover. The more comprehensive the coverage you select, the more you’ll be able to insure your bike collection against.

What modifications may impact my premiums?

Whilst there are some modifications which are prohibited by UK law, for example excessively noisy exhausts, unauthorised engine modifications and so on, insures vary in how they treat modified vehicles. It may come down to how much you vehicle is modified from its original state as well as what type of modifications have been made. Here are some of the common modifications which insurers don’t like.

  • Exhausts that are too loud: If your exhaust noise level exceeds manufacturer’s specification, it is likely to void your insurance. This is because loud exhausts can make it more difficult for other road users to hear you, which can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Engine modifications: Any modification that increases the power output of your engine is likely to void your insurance. This is because more powerful bikes are more likely to be involved in accidents.
  • Suspension modifications: Any modification that changes the handling of your bike is likely to void your insurance. This is because bikes with modified suspension can be more difficult to control, which can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Wheels and tyres: Any modification that changes the size or specification of your wheels or tyres is likely to void your insurance. This is because different wheels and tyres can affect the handling of your bike, which can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Bodywork modifications: Any modification that changes the appearance of your bike is unlikely to void your insurance, unless it affects the structural integrity of the bike. However, it’s always best to check with your insurer before making any modifications to your bike.
What are the benefits of a multi-bike insurance?

Aside from the convenience of being able to manage your motorbike collection with one policy, you may even save money. Insuring each of your motorbikes under an individual policy can be costly. Many insurers however offer generous discounts for each motorbike you insure with them and a multi-bike policy is a great way of doing this, with some insurers offering discounts up to 10%.

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In the past, searching for motorbike insurance quotes involved reaching out to numerous insurance companies. However, with Quotezone.co.uk, you can now easily compare quotes from various motorcycle insurance providers by filling out a single short form. Our impartial and independent platform enables you to swiftly discover and compare motorbike quotes from all corners of the UK market, assisting you in finding more affordable motorbike insurance options.