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Third party, fire and theft motorbike insurance

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Third party, fire and theft motorbike insurance

Protect yourself and others on the road with third party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance 

Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement for all motorcyclists before they get on the road. With three different levels of insurance to choose from however, knowing which one is right for you and your driving needs is difficult. Often, third party, fire and theft is preferred as it’s the middle option and provides a good level of cover.

At Quotezone.co.uk, we’ve compared deals from the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance providers so all that’s left for you to do is decide which one to choose. 


What is third party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance?

This type of insurance takes third party, which is the most basic level of cover, and adds to it. For example, if your bike is stolen, damaged by a theft attempt or damaged in a fire, you will receive a payout to either replace or fix it. 


What isn’t included in third party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance?

If your bike is damaged in an accident that is deemed your fault, you won’t be covered by this level of insurance. If it is someone else’s fault, you will be covered though. 


What are the other levels of motorbike insurance?

Third party is the most basic level of insurance and provides cover for any losses to other people, their bikes, cars and property. Comprehensive is the highest level of cover and includes everything already mentioned plus if your bike is damaged in an accident, no matter who’s fault it is. 


How is my motorbike insurance quote calculated?

Insurance providers will ask a few questions about yourself and your motorbike. They’ll also want to know whether you’ve been involved in an accident before and if you’ve ever claimed on your insurance. 


Does age affect the price of motorbike insurance?

Yes, as with standard car insurance, older drivers usually have cheaper rates of insurance. This is because younger drivers are thought to take more risks on the road and drive faster, which could result in more accidents. 


Are motorbikes more expensive to insure than cars and vans?

Yes, this is because they are considered to be driven quicker and also riskier on the roads. For this reason, accidents are more likely to happen which is why premiums are higher. Typically, they are also more powerful than standard vehicles. 


Can I reduce my motorbike insurance?

Shopping around and comparing deals is the easiest way to reduce your quote. You can also use a no claims bonus, reduce your annual mileage, park your bike somewhere safe overnight and consider adding a more experienced driver to your policy. Removing any unwanted cover from your policy could also bring the price down. 


Can I add extras to my policy?

Yes, additional cover can be purchased to protect against misfuelling, personal accident, lost keys, vandalism, and accessories like your helmet.