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 What is touring bike insurance?

If a person purchases a touring bike it would generally stand to reason that they intend to travel long distances with the bike and cover many miles. It could be that they intend to travel nationwide in the UK and visit numerous places over a particular distance or they could plan a long route. Either way it is likely that they will want to ensure their touring bike is in the best condition before setting out onto such an epic journey. Travelling the UK on two wheels might be a popular concept however it doesn’t tend to be without risks and it could be necessary to take precautions against anything going wrong ahead of setting out on such a trip.

Protecting a touring bike might be a good place to start to ensure that the appropriate insurance cover is in place. A touring bike insurance policy could be useful as this specific cover might be everything that is needed in one place or it could perhaps be tailored specifically for a tour.

To compare touring bike insurance policies, shopping around for the right cover might be a wise approach. It could be much easier to compare touring bike insurance policies online to ensure that the needs of any individual on the trip are met. Some luggage or other equipment for the trip may also require cover, so therefore liaising with an insurance provider ahead of time could save hassle making arrangements later on. A comparison of touring bike insurance may cover fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft. 

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How much does touring bike insurance cost?

The cost of touring bike insurance will vary depending on factors that are unique to your own requirements. This essentially means that in order to get an accurate idea over what you’ll be charged for your insurance, you’ll need to take out a quote. 

Common factors which influence your premiums include the following:

  • Age – Your age is a significant factor with any motor insurance policy. This is due to younger and elderly drivers being statistically more likely to be involved in a serious crash.  As a result you can expect your age to be a direct factor in the price of your premiums.
  • Vehicle – If your motorbike is a 1200cc model, you should expect to pay more than a 125cc model. This is because bikes with larger engines are more powerful and so have the potential for greater speeds and damage. The value of your bike will directly impact the premiums of your policy as more expensive models will naturally cost more to insure.
  • Level of coverage – The level of coverage which you opt for will directly impact your premiums. Typically the more comprehensive the cover, the more expensive your premiums. This isn’t always the case however as many insurers are aware that more risky drivers tend to opt for cheaper insurance options. This means it is sometimes possible to find a comprehensive policy which is equal or cheaper than third party. 
  • Add-ons – The level of coverage may not always meet your needs on a chosen policy, even with comprehensive coverage. A good way of fixing this is through “add-ons” or “extras” which you can incorporate into your main policy. 
What are common add-ons for touring bike insurance?

There are many add-on options offered to policy holders by insurance companies in order to give greater customisability to your cover. Common choices for many motorbike drivers include the following:

  • Breakdown cover – Not typically included as standard on fleet policies but can prove invaluable if one of your drivers needs roadside assistance.
  • Hire and reward – If you transport other people for money then you’ll need this type of insurance.
  • Employers’ liability – In the UK, you’ll need this by law if you have any employees. It pays the costs if a member of staff becomes ill or is injured because of work. If you employ staff without this type of insurance you could be fined £2,500 for every day you go without it. Employers liability insurance is usually set up when you start operating your business, however if your fleet is new you can have this added to your policy.
  • Public liability – This pays legal fees and compensation if a member of the public has an accident or has their property damaged and blames your business.
  • Personal effects cover – This covers any personal possessions that are stolen or damaged from your vehicle.
  • Legal expenses cover – This pays legal fees if you need to go to court.
What is the insurance definition of cycle touring?

Cycle touring is classified as the activity of long distance travel by bike for leisure. Typical cycle touring coverage will usually cover you against injury, personal liability. You may need to take out a separate policy to insure your bicycle however as most policies will either insure you or your bike, many don’t insure both. The value of your bike is also another factor to consider as many cycle touring policies will only cover you for bikes up to £1000 in value.

How can I reduce my premiums?

Insurance providers will take many factors into account in order to determine your premiums, so there are many opportunities to save on your insurance. Some factors such as your age will be out of your control, however there are practical steps which you take to help get offered the cheapest insurance policy possible.

To get cheap motorbike insurance, bike owners could consider the following:

  • Security is an important consideration in calculating premiums. Making sure you always secure your bike with an approved quality lock.
  • While third party insurance is often substantially cheaper than comprehensive cover, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s possible to find comprehensive insurance at a price comparable to that of third party, or even cheaper.
  • Modifications could increase your premiums, because a modified bike is typically more difficult to repair, due to the necessity of locating special parts.
  • Adding other riders to the policy could increase the premium.
  • Bicycle owners who don’t make claims for consecutive years could earn significant premium discounts, which means it’s sometimes worthwhile to pay out of pocket for small repairs instead of making an insurance claim.