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Compare landslide home insurance with Quotezone

Landslides can cause severe damage to a house. When the ground slips beneath the foundations, walls can crack and the entire house can move. Often, the only remedy is to have the house underpinned, which simply means strengthening the foundations to prevent any further structural damage. However, underpinning is highly expensive and there is no guarantee that a home that has been underpinned won’t suffer further damage, especially if there is another landslide. All this makes getting home insurance a nightmare.

Landslide home insurance is designed for people whose homes have suffered a landslide and required repair. Not all insurers offer this specialist insurance and it isn’t cheap, although there are steps you can take to reduce the cost.

Reducing the cost of landslide home insurance

If you are in a home that has suffered from a landslide or you are thinking of buying a house that has been underpinned, the first thing you could do is to get a professional survey of the property from a structural engineer. An engineer will be able to tell you how stable the foundations are, when the landslide took place, whether or another is imminent, and the likelihood of any further damage. Armed with this report, you can then look for landslide home insurance, although finding an insurer that offers this specialist product in the first place isn’t always easy.

Not all insurers offer landslide home insurance, meaning it can take a long time to find one that does just by calling round all the various insurance companies. However, an easier and more straightforward way could be to to use a comparison website, such as Quotezone.co.uk, which could help you find a landslide home insurance provider.

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