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How To Choose Pet Insurance


Getting a pet can be an exciting time for you and your family, you may be so excited in fact that you forget to think about some of the finer details such as pet insurance. If you’re stuck on how to choose a good pet insurance policy, we’ve got you covered…

How to choose a pet insurance plan

The pet insurance plan you decide to go with will largely depend on your own preference and what you wish to insure against. For example if you are more concerned about your pet being involved in an accident rather than an ongoing illness, then you may benefit from just choosing an accident-only policy. If you wish to insure your pet against whatever life throws at it, then a lifetime insurance policy may be the best option for you. This option is typically chosen when your pet is still young, i.e. still a kitten or puppy. This will let you protect your pet for the duration of its life from the get-go.

With this in mind you should think about what you would view as most beneficial for your pet and what best applies to your situation.

What are the types of pet insurance in the UK?

  • Accident-only – This policy will cover your pet against any accidents that result in treatment costs and vet visits during the period that you are covered. It provides cover for any initial treatment, alongside covering any complications in the immediate aftermath. This includes MRI scans, and any surgeries your pet may require. For example, if your dog or cat is hit by a car or has a nasty cut or fall, your accident-only pet insurance will be able to cover you for the associated veterinary bills, it will not cover you for any ongoing treatment.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Pet Insurance – Whilst this is a more difficult form of pet insurance to secure it is not impossible. When it comes to pet insurance a pre-existing condition is any illness or disease that your pet has already been diagnosed with at the time of taking out that particular insurance policy. It could be anything from cancer to a long-term eye or dental problem. Each insurer has its own definition of what pre-existing conditions are and whether or not they will cover or exclude those existing conditions from coverage. Some providers may exclude insuring your pet if it has a pre-existing condition, however our panel of specialists can help.
  • Lifetime insurance – The main advantage of lifetime pet insurance is that this type of cover usually imposes less exclusions than an annual policy, which can be a hugely important consideration when you have an older dog or older cat that is at greater risk of developing a chronic medical condition. Essentially a lifetime pet insurance policy is designed to insure your pet for the majority of its lifetime against illness and accident, however it is important to note that the price of these premiums will increase as your pet ages.
  • Multi-pet insurance – Some policies will let you insure multiple pets under the same policy, this is for convenience and is designed to allow you to better manage your pet insurance. For example multi-dog insurance will cover you for multiple dogs usually at a discount.

Remember to be honest about your pet’s health, age and any other details as if it is found that any of these details are inaccurate you run the risk of your insurance being made void.


When taking out pet insurance it should consider your affordability and what you will likely need covered. Generally the more comprehensive your insurance the more expensive your pet insurance will be. However if a greater level of coverage is likely to be needed due to your pet’s susceptibility to certain conditions, then opting for a more comprehensive plan is probably your best option.

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This article is intended as generic information only and is not intended to apply to anybody’s specific circumstances, demands or needs. The views expressed are not intended to provide any financial service or to give any recommendation or advice. Products and services are only mentioned for illustrative rather than promotional purposes.

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