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Older Dog Insurance

Compare Older Dog Insurance Quotes

If your dog is getting on in years, you may have noticed that their vet’s bills are beginning to add up. That’s why it can be a good idea to look into taking out older dog insurance to make sure both you and your canine companion are covered if something should happen. It’s never too late to protect them with older dog insurance.

Pet insurance for older dogs

Even if your senior dog isn’t showing signs of any serious health concerns and still appears generally fit and healthy, that can change all too quickly. And if their health situation does change, your four-legged friend could still enjoy many years of quality life if they get the care and treatment they need. But that treatment can often be expensive, so it is prudent to have pet insurance for older dogs as a financial safety net to fall back on.


Benefits of older dog insurance


Pays your vet directly

Many pet insurers will pay your vet directly. This means you don’t have to worry about having the money upfront to pay your dog’s vet bill, leaving you free to focus on caring for your dog.


Additional extras

As well as vet costs, some older dog insurance covers boarding fees, advertising and a cash reward if your dog is lost or stolen. Some older dog insurance polices offer holiday cancellation cover if you have to cancel a trip because your pet is ill. It may also cover your older dog should they sadly die from illness or an accidental injury.


Spread the cost of vet treatment

Rather than have to pay a large and unexpected vet bill out of the blue, pet insurance for older dogs enables you to spread the cost across monthly or one annual payment.


Frequently asked questions

What is considered an older dog?

While it largely varies on the insurer, most providers consider an older or senior dog to be over eight years old. The reason why insurers make distinctions when it comes to pet ages is that older dogs are more at risk of developing a health issue than older pets. This makes them more risky to insurers as the chance of a claim being made goes up.


Is there an age limit on pet insurance for older dogs?

The age limit on pet insurance for older dogs depends on the insurance provider. Some insurers will cover your dog from any age, while others are less keen on insuring an older animal. Check the terms of the policy when you compare quotes to ensure the insurer will cover your older dog if they are aged over eight. Ideally you should insure your dog whilst it’s a puppy, as most insurers won’t cover pre-existing conditions.


Why is it more expensive to insure older dogs?

Dogs are more likely to experience health problems as they get older such as gum disease, arthritis, blindness, diabetes, cancer and kidney disease. These issues require vet treatment, and owners are more likely to claim on their insurance which pushes up the cost of pet insurance for older dogs.


What do I need to consider when buying pet insurance for older dogs?

When looking for older dog insurance, it’s a good idea to consider what excess you will need to pay. If something should happen to your older dog, the excess is how much you’ll need to pay before claiming on the insurance. If your older dog has a health condition, check with the provider whether they’ll cover it as many insurers won’t pay out for pre-existing conditions. Also, check what extras are available. Some insurers will pay out if your dog passes away or cover bereavement counselling.


Does older dog insurance cover euthanasia?

Some pet insurance for older dogs covers the cost of putting your older dog to sleep and their burial or cremation. Check the terms of the policy when you compare quotes to find out whether this is covered.

If you have a senior dog, pet insurance for older dogs will ensure they are covered should they fall ill or hurt themselves. Use our online quote form to search and compare the UK’s top pet insurance providers to find the right policy for you and your dog.