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Temporary Business Car Insurance

Compare Temporary Business Insurance

If you need to insure a car but don’t require an annual car insurance policy then temporary business insurance can be a great alternative. 

What’s covered by Temporary Business Car Insurance?

Whether you’re needing to temporarily insure a car for a business trip or indeed any other reason, you’ll need to ensure that you are covered to drive the car you plan to use. Temporary business insurance won’t typically cover hired or rented vehicles. If you plan on using the car for ‘hire & reward‘ then you also won’t likely be able to take out temporary car insurance. There are three levels of temporary car insurance to choose from:

These levels of coverage operate in the same way as standard car insurance, however the duration of the car coverage will typically fall anywhere between 1 hour to 28 days.

How to get cheaper temporary business car insurance

There are a few practical steps that can be taken to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to on your temporary car insurance.

  • Select the correct coverage amount – It is important to take out the correct amount of insurance as you could end up paying for more than you temporarily need if you don’t choose the correct duration.
  • Agree to pay higher excess – This can help reduce the overall cost of your premiums but be sure that you can actually pay the excess should you be involved in an accident.
  • Don’t get unnecessary add-ons – Extras such as breakdown cover may be nice to have but you should consider if you feel you are likely to need it. The more add-ons you include in your policy the greater price you can expect to pay.
What are the alternatives to temporary business car insurance?

You can check to see if your annual comprehensive insurance includes a DOC clause (Drive other car). This would allow you to be covered with third-party only insurance whilst temporarily driving another car. You can also become a named driver on the car owners insurance policy. If your coverage includes a courtesy car then you will be able to be provided with a temporary car whilst you wait for your car to be repaired at the garage.

Why choose temporary business car insurance?

If you need temporary cover for a car that you do not own then a temporary business car insurance policy can be the ideal option. 

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