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Temporary Car Insurance For Non UK Residents

Looking to get insured for driving in the UK but live abroad? No problem!

Will I need to be insured to drive in the UK?

In short, yes. By law drivers in the UK are required to have a minimum of third party insurance to ensure that they are able to cover the damages to any third party. This essentially means that you are required to have a minimum level of coverage, i.e. third party, in order to legally drive on UK roads.

What are my insurance options for driving in the UK?

Typically there are three main types of car insurance offered to motorists in the UK. These include:

These levels of coverage differ in their price and of course their levels of coverage. Typically the more comprehensive an insurance policy, the greater the cost. However third-party insurance can in some instances be near or just as expensive as comprehensive due to riskier drivers usually opting for the cheapest options.

As a temporary visitor to the UK you may wish to consider a temporary form of car insurance to cover you for the time you are driving in the UK. There are many temporary car insurance options for foreign drivers who are not planning on remaining in the UK but would still like to drive whilst they are here. The only downside to this option however is that international drivers insurance tends to be more expensive than insurance for domestic drivers. Many temporary policies can cover you from as little as one hour to 28 days.

Do I need temporary car insurance if I’m driving a rental?

Many rental establishments will include car insurance in their rental price meaning you won’t need to take out a separate policy in order to drive a rental car.

Is it possible to get UK car insurance with an international licence?

While it is certainly possible to take out UK car insurance with an international licence you are likely to face higher premiums. This is simply due to the fact that insurers will view you as a greater risk to insure than a domestic driver with a proven track record of driving.

How to get cheaper temporary driver insurance for non UK residents

The easiest way to get temporary drivers insurance for a non UK resident is to simply compare multiple quotes from differing providers. This will increase your chances of finding a deal and ensure that you aren’t left short changed, even if you are driving on an international license.

Compare temporary driver insurance for non UK residents: