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Three Day Insurance

Whether you’re looking at borrowing a friends car, sharing the driving on a road trip or just need to use a different car for work, having a temporary car insurance policy can be just the cover you need.

Why take out three day car insurance?

Some people may need cover for a day, others may need cover for a full month. In fact some drivers only need to be covered for as little as one hour. In truth the time period of your temporary car insurance is entirely down to you and your individual needs. If you are temporarily borrowing a friends car while yours is in the garage or you’re planning a road trip and want to spilt the driving, there are a number of reasons why you might choose a three day car insurance policy.

How much does three day car insurance cost?

In short, it depends. Your quote is in all probability not going to be exactly the same as someone else so giving out average costs of three day car insurance can be misleading. If you’re an inexperienced driver you’ll face much steeper costs than someone with a proven track record and history behind the wheel. This is simply down to perceived risk on part of the insurer just as with any other motor insurance product. Here are the common factors that will influence what you are charged for a 3 day car insurance policy.

  • The car you’ll be driving
  • You’re age
  • Any previous claims
  • Your licence type

Whilst you will end up paying more on your temporary insurance if you are an inexperienced driver or have a history of previous claims, you may still be making the right move taking out a temporary car insurance policy if you don’t require full annual coverage. This is simply because with a temporary policy you only pay for the coverage you require.

How to get 3 day car insurance

Finding temporary cover has never been easier with Quotezone’s independent, non-biased comparison tool. By aggregating multiple providers from across the UK we can help you find the best deals on your temporary car insurance fast!

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