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Vehicle Warranties

Car Warranties

A vehicle warranty could help you cover the costs incurred by the failure of parts and the amount of labour needed to fix your vehicle should a fault occur. Compare Warranty quotes from Quotezone’s directory listing of specialist providers below.

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    Car Warranties

    As a car gets older, it can become more unreliable and more prone to faults and part failures. Many manufacturer warranties may only last a certain number of years. After manufacturer warranties expire it can be a good idea to purchase an extended warranty to cover the costs incurred should your vehicle develop a fault.

    Quotezone doesn’t currently offer a comparison service for car warranties, but in order to help you with your decision, we have listed a number of partners below who specialise in this area.

    There can be many different types of car warranty on offer and it may therefore be beneficial to shop around to get the cover that best suits your needs at the lowest possible price.

    What can a car warranty cover?

    A car warranty will normally provide cover for the following items:

    • Mechanical and Electrical Parts and Labour
    • Sudden or unexpected failures
    • Wear & Tear cover
    • Cover for failures caused by non-insured parts
    • Cover for failures identified during MOT or servicing
    • Overheating covered
    • Reasonable diagnosis costs

    A car warranty may provide cover for:

    • Car Hire
    • Overnight Accommodation
    • Emergency Travel
    • European Cover

    It can be a good idea to take your time to choose the car warranty policy that best suits your needs to ensure that you are not paying for cover that you do not need. Its very important to read the small print of any car warranty so that you know the specific details of the cover provided by the policy.

    Does My Car Qualify?

    No matter the level of cover provided by the car warranty or the price of the product, insurance providers cannot always offer you cover. Car warranty cover providers can place limits on the vehicles that they can cover. Typical limits are:

    • Maximum Age to Start cover
    • Maximum Age to End cover
    • Maximum Mileage to Start cover
    • Maximum Mileage to End cover

    Please ensure that your vehicle meets these conditions or the car warranty may be voided.

    Car Warranty Comparison