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What is popup shop insurance?

If you need pop-up shop insurance, we can give you quotes from a large range of UK insurers. Save money and find a policy that meets your needs at a competitive price. For more information on the key things to know about commercial property insurance for a popup shop, take a look at the information below.

Popup shop insurance is a relatively new type of insurance. It is not like standard shop insurance, as it may offer cover for a short period. This reflects the nature of a popup shop, which may only operate for a day, weekend or maybe a week at a time. A policy will take the short-term nature of a popup shop into account.

Are there different ways to insure a popup shop?

Yes, you can get a quote for popup shop insurance. Or you can change a short-term business insurance policy to suit your needs. This type of policy is widely available. It’s also possible to change a home business insurance policy and add on cover for “working on site”.

What should popup shop insurance cover?

Your pop-up shop insurance will need to include public liability and product liability. If you’re hiring staff, you may need employers’ liability.

You’ll need to cover your stock, contents and fixtures in the shop. You may need cover for losses if business is interrupted. You may need legal protection and cover for glass breakage.

Will I have to pay for a year’s worth of insurance?

No, if you shop around you can find a quote that will cover when your popup shop is trading. When you compare quotes you can find a policy that meets your needs and covers the period you’re physically trading.

Do I need to buy building insurance if my popup shop is within a commercial building?

Commercial property insurance for a popup shop may be required. You must speak to the owner of a building when you plan to trade there, and find out what insurance they have in place.

I only plan to host one popup shop. Do I still need to take out all this insurance cover?

Yes, even if you only plan to open your popup shop once, you will still need public and product liability cover. You may also need employers’ liability cover if you hire staff.

Another option is to look at event liability insurance in case this is cheaper.

My popup shop is an outdoor event. Can insurance cover me for loss of earnings caused by bad weather?

When you look at policies, consider adding adverse weather insurance. This helps to protect you if your event can’t go ahead due to bad weather.