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Surely AirPods are too small to bother insuring?

That’s not true at all. Think about the huge difference they make to your day? They are quality pieces of kit that transform your daily commute, whether you walk, cycle or take public transport. The vast majority of people listen to music to make their journey go by more quickly. However, a growing percentage of people listen to podcasts or other spoken programming as they travel. Now some claim that approximately 1 in 6 commuters listen to a talking book, podcast or comedy as they travel – up from 1 in 12 ten years ago when there were fewer such options available.

Having a policy that guarantees a repair in between 24-72 hours repair or replacement means that you will be able to carry on enjoying your AirPods if they are lost, damaged or stolen.


What is the best way to buy additional insurance for your Apple AirPods?

At Quotezone.co.uk we can provide quick and simple comparisons between providers that often offer wider benefits to your standard Apple Limited Warranty. The warranty has time limits and also may not cover for accidental damage as standard. If they fail due to a manufacturing defect, it may be covered, but additional insurance may be well worth investing in.


What if my headphones can’t be repaired?

If there is a defect with the headphones that cannot be reasonably repaired then most coverage policies will offer a replacement. You’ll probably see the term “like for like” on your coverage contract. This means that you will either get the same model back, or be offered one of equivalent value. It’s not possible to ask for precisely what colour you had previously, but it is most likely to be in a neutral tone as the pastel or rainbow colours tend to be more expensive and more specialised. The window for replacement is the same as the window for repair: between 24 hours and 72 hours on average.


What’s the best way to find podcasts to listen to on AirPods?

There is huge range out there – with something like 850,000 podcast series out there and over 30 million podcast episodes. So there will definitely be something to your taste out there. Over half of all American adults have listened to at least one podcast series and the majority of these people do so on the move, listening through their phones, iPods or tablets.

Most people share in the question, “how do I find out what is out there?” The number one excuse for not listening to podcasts despite having multiple interest areas is not knowing where to look. Over half of all listeners find the answer via their social media networks and once you are hooked, that’s it! Active podcast listeners are more likely than not listen to a podcast for more than seven hours a week, and half of active podcast listeners listen to approximately seven different shows each week.