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Laptop Insurance Policies

Laptops are a significant investment and replacing one if it becomes damaged or lost can be very expensive. Whether you use your laptop for business or personal use, having the right protection in place is crucial. Laptop insurance can cover your device from damage, theft, loss and more, and could mean you aren’t left disconnected should the worst happen. We all know that accidents can happen at any time, especially if you often use your laptop outside of the home and transport it regularly. New laptops will come with their own warranty which covers it from mechanical faults, but warranties will not cover for other issues such as accidental damage or loss. This is where laptop insurance comes in.


What is laptop insurance?

Laptop insurance is a specialist type of insurance for laptop and ultrabook devices. Should something happen to your device, for example you spill a cup of tea on the keyboard or it is stolen while you’re out and about, laptop insurance can cover the costs.


What does laptop insurance cover?

Laptop insurance covers almost anything that could go wrong with a laptop device. Most insurance policies will cover:

  • Mechanical breakdowns including frozen screens and faulty batteries.
  • Accidental damage such as liquid damage or a cracked screen.
  • Theft if a laptop is stolen forcibly. Most policies will not cover theft if your laptop is left unattended in public.
  • Lost laptops which have been lost by accident, such as leaving your bag on a train.

Depending on the issue with your device, laptop insurance will either pay out the cost to repair it or replace it.


Why is laptop insurance important?

Laptop insurance is critical if you depend on your device and could not afford to pay to fix it or replace it should something go wrong. If you use your laptop to make a living, or use it regularly and would be in a difficult position without it, then you should consider taking out laptop insurance.


How do I choose laptop insurance?

At QuoteZone, we make it quick and easy for you to find quotes for laptop insurance from many major UK providers. Simply complete our online form and you can see your bespoke quotes instantly. Check exactly what is included in each policy to determine the best one for your requirements.


What types of laptops can be insured?

Most insurance providers will offer laptop insurance for any new laptop you have purchased recently, and you can keep your policy going for as long as you have the computer. If you buy a laptop second hand, it is possible that you will be unable to purchase laptop insurance.


Do I need laptop insurance if I have home contents insurance?

If you already have contents insurance for your home, then it might cover your laptop as well. Most contents insurance policies will cover your laptop for certain issues, but there may by some things that are not included. Laptop insurance may also have a lower excess compared with contents insurance.