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Cheap Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance for every make and model of smartphone

Whether you bought the iPhone X as soon as it was released, carry a Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 7 or Huawei Mate everywhere you go, or have opted for the Google Pixel, Alcatel 3 or Sony Xperia as your mobile phone of choice, it’s fair to say that you’re carrying a rather expensive piece of kit around with you.

That’s why it would be a wise move to consider taking out mobile phone insurance…and wiser still to compare a range of mobile insurance quotes from specialist smartphone insurance providers.

Because insuring your mobile just might save you an arm and a leg if the worst happens and the phone gets damaged, lost or stolen (or if you simply drop it down the toilet).

Smartphone insurance for any eventuality

Of course, the lavatory is not the ONLY hazard that risks bringing your high-end smartphone to a sudden, sharp end – shattered screens, cracked phone casings, corrupted firmware – there are almost as many situations that can leave you out of pocket (and without a mobile phone) as there are apps for your device.

(OK, maybe not quite that many).

So what kind of things might be covered if you decide to insure your smartphone?

A typical mobile phone insurance policy might cover:

  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Water damage (need we say more?)

So whether you are young or old, use your phone for business or pleasure, investing in a relatively cheap mobile insurance policy to cover your relatively expensive smartphone could be a very wise move indeed.

Compare mobile phone insurance providers now

Still have questions about how or why to insure your mobile phone? There is a very good chance they are ‘covered’ below.

Which mobile phones can I insure against loss, theft or damage?

No matter what kind of mobile phone or smartphone you have, if you own it and you bought it new rather than secondhand then there’s a good chance you can find reasonably priced mobile insurance to protect it against the risk of accidental damage, criminal damage, loss or theft.

As an example, these are some of the most popular kinds of mobile cover at the moment:

  • iPhone Insurance
  • BlackBerry Insurance
  • iPhone X Insurance
  • Huawei Mate Insurance
  • Sony Xperia Insurance
  • IPhone 8 Insurance
  • Samsung Galaxy Insurance
  • Samsung Phone Insurance
  • Alcatel smartphone Insurance
  • HTC smartphone Insurance
  • LG smartphone Insurance
  • Google Pixel Insurance
  • OnePlus Insurance
  • Nokia phone insurance
So I can’t insure my phone if I bought it second hand?

Most insurance providers will only be willing to insure mobile phones that you purchased new (either purchased outright, or as part of a mobile phone contract).

The reason for this is that second hand phones are more at risk of technical faults than a new device, so it isn’t in the insurance company’s own interest to insure secondhand mobile phones.

The one exception to this rule is if the phone had been reconditioned by the manufacturer immediately prior to you purchasing it. In that case some insurance providers might be willing to insure your smartphone, albeit at a lower value than a brand new device.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you did buy a second hand device you might be able to include it on your home insurance.

My mobile will automatically be covered by my home contents insurance, then?

Not necessarily, but some contents insurance providers do cover laptops, tablets, TVs and other electronic devices as part of their home contents cover.

However, some insurance firms will restrict their cover for these devices to their use within the home, while others have a cap on the amount they are willing to pay out for any one device (known as a ‘single item limit’), so it would be wise to read the small print before assuming your high-end smartphone is definitely, positively covered.

Can I get phone insurance if I have multiple mobiles?

Yes, if you own more than one smartphone you should consider taking out a multiple mobile phone insurance policy, which will usually be cheaper than insuring each mobile phone separately.

Some insurance providers might also allow family members to insure all their smartphones under a single insurance policy, which can also save you money in the long run.

Will my phone insurance policy cover my tablet or laptop too?

Probably not, but if you have multiple mobile devices and other electronic gadgets that you would like to insure you could opt to include your smartphone on a multi-gadget insurance policy – that way all of your devices will be included under one single policy, including your phone.