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Cheap Xbox One Insurance

If you’re the proud owner of an Xbox, you’ll already know that gaming consoles don’t come cheap. If you’re buying a next gen console, it’s going to make a decent dent in your finances, so it’s worth making sure you’re covered for accidental damage, criminal damage, loss or theft.

Having the right cover from a specialist gadget insurance company can save you a lot of money in the future. By taking care of your cover today, you don’t have to worry in the future, and that means more time for gaming.

While we might not be able to help you beat that tricky boss, we can provide cheap console insurance quotes to stop your Xbox becoming an ex-box.

Does Xbox have insurance?

When you buy a new console, you’re usually covered for mechanical breakdowns for 12 months. However, that cover doesn’t include accidental damage, loss or theft.

The only way to be completely covered is to put a policy in place with a specialist gadget insurance company.

It’s fast and free to get a quote for Xbox insurance, so take a break from saving the virtual world and grab yourself a policy today.

Who can take out Xbox Insurance?

Whether you’re the owner of a shiny new Xbox Series X or a retro console like the Xbox 360 you can take out specialist console insurance cover. We’ve got you gamers.

All you need is to be a UK resident and over 18 years old. No more bashing broken buttons or black screens of doom. It takes just a few minutes to get a quote for Xbox insurance, so all you need to worry about is where your next level up is coming from.


Do I need Xbox Insurance?

Replacing a console can be expensive. A brand new Xbox One bundle cashes in at around £200, while an Xbox Series X will set you back around £500.

While your beloved retro console might not break the bank, it can still be difficult to find the right repair or replacement. Taking out a console insurance policy takes the hard work and financial burden out of this.

So whether you’re a next gen gamer or a fan of the classics, Xbox insurance is a wise move.

What’s covered under gadget insurance?

A specialist console insurance policy covers much more than a general contents insurance policy does. Whether it’s a theft, loss or accidental damage like a spilled drink disaster you can find cover for it.

Cracked screens and mechanical breakdowns, like black screens, button malfunctions and charging issues might also be covered.

Taking just a few moments to make sure you’re selecting the right cover for your Xbox means you have extra security to keep you gaming.

While we can’t help you beat that zombie army or select best in slot gear, we can help you find the perfect cover for your Xbox. So, get yourself a fast, free and simple quote today.

Then reward yourself with extra gaming time.

Purchasing a games console might be a difficult decision with a number of options to choose from. Depending on a person’s needs they might purchase an Xbox One in order to play games, listen to music and watch films. A games console might have a number of uses and could be an essential piece of equipment in the family and not just about playing games. With so many features and usually being a sizeable sum of money to purchase, it could be wise to take care of it by way of a suitable Xbox One insurance policy.

Having insurance in place for a games console might seem unnecessary but actually could be the best way to protect it if something stops working or worse it gets accidentally broken. A person might want to think if they could afford to purchase a new one if theirs was irreparable and if they decided to proceed without insurance. Not having a policy in place could be risky if that person doesn’t have the funds to buy a new model. Being without the use of an Xbox One could be an unpleasant prospect for some people and if that’s the case they may prefer to invest in insurance cover.

Getting a cheap Xbox One insurance policy might not be a given but using the internet to compare quotes could give an indication as to what might be possible. Looking online could be a popular way of determining the price of cover and might mean saving money as well as time when looking for insurance. Using a comparison company to find the best deal on Xbox one insurance could be much quicker than looking alone at individual companies. Searching and then contacting Xbox one insurance companies could be a daunting task that may be best avoided by comparing a range of quotes.