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Cheap iPad insurance quotes

At Quotezone.co.uk we can provide quick and simple comparisons between providers that often offer wider benefits to your standard Apple Limited Warranty. The warranty has time limits and also may not cover for accidental damage as standard. If the screen fails due to a manufacturing defect, it may be covered. So additional insurance may be well worth investing in.

Is it really worth getting iPad insurance?

iPads might be less essential devices in your household than laptops or PCs, particularly if you use computers for work, but they’re still valuable devices which means replacing your iPad will prove costly if the device is ever lost or stolen.

That’s why it might be a good idea to compare iPad insurance policies – and the good news this type of gadget insurance is usually fairly cheap.

I let my kids use my iPad, does this affect my insurance?

It’s perfectly routine and normal to allow your children to play games on an iPad. They make an even better babysitter than the TV, because iPads are portable and can provide distraction wherever you go. The touch-screen of an iPad is easy for children to use – and very hard for them to break, unlike laptop keys which even adults find can stick or malfunction. As long as you have a protective case, iPads are surprisingly robust and can withstand a few bumps. Even if your children do manage to break your iPad accidentally, because the damage is unintentional the insurance cover still applies.

I’m worried about the effect of iPad time on my children – should I allow it?

This has been a subject of debate since the mobile technology burst onto the market in the 2000s. Should children be allowed to have a mobile? Is too much iPad time bad? Well, it’s not as simple as “playing outside = good” and “playing on an iPad = bad”. It matters what type of activity your children are engaging in. Specifically it matters whether the activity is passive or active. If you allow your child to zone out in front of the TV for hours a day, this will not help their development. That is unless it is informative or educational. It’s the same with an iPad. If it’s a “mindless” activity that does not challenge a child to engage and think, it’s probably not the best use of their time. But there are thousands of educational activities and apps out there that are free or cheap to download and can really make iPad time valuable. Every parent needs a break, so don’t feel guilty about your child spending some time every week on educational gaming.