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Cheap iPhone Insurance

iPhone Insurance

iPhone Insurance

iPhone Insurance
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Cheap iPhone Insurance

Cheap iPhone Insurance

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Whether you bought the iPhone 8 or iPhone X as soon as they went on sale, are a huge fan of the sleek iPhone 7 or ever-popular iPhone 6, or carry your trusty iPhone SE or iPhone 5 everywhere you go, we’re willing to bet that your Apple device didn’t come cheap.

That’s why it might be a wise move to insure your iPhone…and wiser still to compare the best iPhone insurance quotes from specialist mobile phone insurance companies before deciding which one to go with.

Because insuring your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 just might help you to avoid a very big headache if the worst happens and your phone is ever lost, stolen or damaged.

From accidental damage (smashed screens, cracked phone casings, water damage), to malicious damage, to losing your iPhone, to outright theft, there are any number of things that could leave you with a painful dent in your pocket – and no mobile phone in your hand.

So whether you’re a seasoned Apple fan, or you’ve recently made the switch from Android to iOS, buying a cheap iPhone insurance policy to cover your expensive mobile phone could be a very wise move indeed.

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Do I have to insure my iPhone?

The short answer to that question is ‘no’. You can, of course, choose not to insure your mobile phone, even if you recently paid £1,000 or more for a brand new iPhone X.

The long answer?

Many mobile phone insurance companies charge relatively low fees for even their best iPhone insurance deals – sometimes as little as £5 or £6 a month – which is quite a low price to pay for the peace of mind you could get from knowing that your £1,000 device will be covered come what may.

I bought my mobile second hand – can I still insure my iPhone?

Most insurance providers will only be willing to insure Apple iPhones that you purchased new, either outright or as part of a mobile phone contract.

That’s because second-hand iPhones have a greater risk of technical faults than a brand new device, so it isn’t in the insurance company’s interests to insure second hand iPhones.

The one exception to this is if the mobile phone was reconditioned by the manufacturer immediately prior to you purchasing it. In that case some insurance providers might be willing to insure your iPhone, albeit at a lower value than a brand new device.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you did buy a second hand smartphone you might be able to include it on your home insurance.

So my iPhone will be covered by my contents insurance?

It may be, or it may not. Some contents insurance providers do cover smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices as part of their home contents cover.

However, some contents insurance policies will stipulate that your iPhone is only covered while it is in the home, while others have a cap on the amount they are willing to pay out for any one iPhone or other mobile device.

Can I get iPhone insurance if I have multiple iPhones?

Yes, if you own more than one iPhone (for instance, a work iPhone and an iPhone for personal use) you might be able to take out a multiple iPhone insurance policy, which will usually be cheaper than insuring each phone separately.

Some insurance providers might also allow family members to insure all their Apple iPhones under a single insurance policy, which could save you money if you have a house full of Apple fans.

Will my phone insurance policy cover my iPad or iPod too?

Probably not, but if you do own iPads or iPods and would like to insure them in addition to insuring your iPhone then the best plan might be to take out a multi-gadget insurance policy, which can cover all your mobile devices (and other electronic gadgets) under one single policy.

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