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Compare iPhone 8 insurance

With a phone as stellar as the iPhone 8, you deserve to find insurance quotes that are just as stellar. While you may assure yourself that you’re capable of taking care of your iPhone 8, you can never predict when a nasty surprise or mishap is just around the corner!

You can be as careful as you like when it comes to preventing physical damage, but you can’t always stop your phone from being lost or stolen.

That’s why you should consider taking out a relatively cheap insurance policy for your relatively pricey iPhone 8.

How much does it cost to insure an iPhone 8?

The price of any insurance policy is variable according to several different factors. This includes how recent the model is, how much coverage your policy will give you, and for how long. Finding a good quote for iPhone 8 insurance comes from comparing different providers and how they meet your individual needs.

The price may also differ if you’re paying a lump-sum annual amount, or if you’re planning to protect numerous devices on one insurance plan.

What is my iPhone 8 protected from under insurance?

How much your iPhone 8 is protected will often be directly related to the price you pay for your insurance plan. A standard insurance policy will usually offer you cover against some or all of the following:

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Accidental damage
  • Water and liquid damage
  • Physical damage, such as a cracked screen

Of course, it’s all in the fine print — the terms of your insurance plan might differ based on liability and whose fault any accidental damage was. For example, some providers will not replace your iPhone 8 if you’ve dropped it down the toilet, so even if you have an insurance plan it’s worth exercising caution as much as possible.

Is it worth insuring my iPhone 8?

Whether you find insuring your iPhone 8 to be worth it is an entirely personal decision — however, the rational and logical way to make this decision is by weighing up the costs and benefits.

While it’s a little inconvenient to pay an extra sum on top of what you paid for your iPhone 8, that cost comes with the reassurance that you won’t have to worry about any situation in which your phone could become missing or damaged.