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Apple Watch insurance

Everything you need to know about insurance for Apple Watches

Anyone with an Apple Watch will know how useful they are – but because you’re bound to get so much use out of them, it’s vital to ensure they’re protected at all times.

Whether your Apple Watch is essential for staying on track at work, or a useful tool for monitoring workouts at the gym, knowing your tech is guarded against accidents is essential for your peace of mind.

If you’re keen to keep your Apple Watch safe, then here’s all the information you need on finding the right gadget insurance plan for your lifestyle.


What is Apple Watch insurance?

Apple Watch insurance ensures that your wearable tech is protected at all times – no matter if you’re wearing your watch at home, or while you’re out on a hike.

You’ll pay your chosen insurance provider a monthly sum, and in exchange will receive assistance with covering the cost of repairing or replacing your Apple Watch, even in the event of theft or an accident.


Is Apple Watch insurance the same as warranty?

Warranty is not the same as insurance. Warranty is a period set by the manufacturer, during which time they will repair or replace any items with a factory fault. After the warranty period has passed, the manufacturer will no longer assist you.

Instead, insurance offers much more comprehensive assistance, and will not expire after a certain amount of time.


Why is Apple Watch insurance important?

Insurance is useful for all of your beloved pieces of tech, but as your Apple Watch is a wearable gadget that you use every day, it’s even more important to ensure it’s protected.

Repairing or replacing your watch can be costly, so knowing that your insurer will cover all – or most – of these fees will certainly give you peace of mind. If you rely on your Apple Watch day-to-day, then knowing it can be quickly repaired or replaced by your insurer is also incredibly helpful.


What does insurance cover?

The majority of insurance plans will at least offer full or partial assistance for any costs associated with repairing or replacing your Apple Watch. In some cases, the coverage you receive may depend on the circumstances of the damage.

Some providers may even offer an in-house repairs service, or help with sourcing replacement parts for your watch. Others will guarantee travel or theft coverage, and can even provide an all-hours telephone service, or access to emergency repairs.


What level of insurance do I need?

You should select your insurance coverage based on the amount of use you get out of your watch, and the level of risk you expect it will face.

For example, if you’re a keen hiker, and want to wear your watch to track your workouts, you should select a higher coverage plan that guarantees help with repairing damage from accidents as well as wear and tear, and should preferably secure travel or theft insurance, too.

If you intend to use your Apple Watch lightly, or don’t expect to wear it every day, then you may prefer a less comprehensive plan that covers basic breakages.


How do I select the right insurance plan?

The best way to find your ideal plan is to do your research, and decide on a few ‘must-have’ insurance benefits, in addition to your budget range. For example, someone who relies heavily on their Apple Watch will prefer a plan that offers emergency repair services.

You should then look at plans within your budget – that offer all of your ‘must-have’ benefits. This way, you can be sure your insurance plan will work for you, and that you’re getting the best value for money.


Where do I find high-quality insurance providers?

You can find reliable insurance providers on the Quotezone database. With over 100 different insurers listed, you’re sure to find Apple Watch insurance to suit your needs!