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MacBook Air Insurance

Apple are blazing the trail again with its range of MacBooks, so if you plump for the all-new ultra light, super-thin MacBook you’ll want to make sure it’s always ready to go when you need it. You can do that easily with a cheap specific insurance policy for absolute peace of mind.

But where do you start when there are so many policies on the market? Comparison websites such as Quotezone.co.uk can be a sensible option. They’re quick and simple to use, and you may save yourself some cash.

As with most things Apple, the Macbook Air is much sought-after. The all-new 13.3 inch 2020-2021 costs around £900-£1,000. And it’s hugely popular with university students because of how compact and light it is.

It’s no surprise that with its with its design, quality of build, super-quick performance and sheer ease of portability, that you want it to be an investment that is going to last. So to consider adding extra insurance to your basket should it break, get damaged or is stolen may be a very wise decision.


What kind of insurance do I need?

Presumably if you are a MacBook Air owner, you’re going to be on the move with it. This makes them prone to being lost, damaged or even stolen! And all of a sudden those precious files are gone. So ideally you will want all bases covered: accidental damage, malicious damage, water damage, theft and perhaps even overseas cover. And you want to know if these come as standard; if not, what it would cost to add specifics to the policy’s premium.

Quotezone.co.uk is a simple, clear and concise comparison featuring a whole host of companies offering deals and different levels of cover. This type of insurance chosen through a comparison site will often save you money and will definitely save you time. Compare this to trawling through individual companies for quotes – this is a convenient and simple way to purchase specific insurance.

Accidental damage, theft or liquid damage are usually all covered, but if not, it could cost you dearly to have repaired or replaced. So Quotezone.co.uk has compiled a list of companies who will provide insurance, comparing different policies to suit your individual needs.

Home contents cover may or may not provide you with a full and thorough cover of your MacBook Air, but again, will probably bump up your premium. So check on the level of cover your contents insurance provides as standard, then it’s time to shop around.


How much will it cost me?

Insurance for your MacBook Air can start from as little as £5 a month. The first thing to do is compare insurance companies for the best deal. Check exactly what you’re paying for. What does it cover? Just as important, what doesn’t it cover? Should you consider a higher excess to bring the premium down? Does it provide like-for-like replacement? Away-from-home theft? There are a multitude of companies out there who will provide insurance and discuss your individual needs, and this is where Quotezone.co.uk makes the process so much easier.