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As a photographer, your camera lenses are some of the most important bits of equipment you own for your DSLR. A smashed camera lens can be a very expensive replacement, and if you are a pro photographer, it could impact your business. While a lens cap and case will go some way to protecting your lens, camera lens insurance is another essential piece of protection. It isn’t just damage you need to worry about, but with a camera lens being a significant investment, loss and theft are a real risk as well.


What is camera lens insurance?

Camera lens insurance will cover your camera equipment from various issues, including, breakdown, damage, loss and theft. When you have camera lens insurance in place and something happens to your kit, you can relax knowing that your insurance provider will pay out for a replacement or repair. Camera lens insurance can cover just one camera lens, or all of your camera equipment, depending on your policy and requirements.


Do I need camera lens insurance?

Camera lens insurance is not a requirement, and you could quite easily carry on without having any cover in place. However, if you rely on your camera equipment a lot, and paying for repairs or replacements would be a struggle, then camera lens insurance is worthwhile. Your camera lenses are often transported from place to place and are handled a lot during a shoot. Accidentally dropping a lens, spilling something on it, or having it go missing while out are all real risks which camera lens insurance can counteract.


What is covered with camera lens insurance?

Camera lens insurance will cover your equipment from accidental damage such as dropping a lens and cracking the glass, loss and theft. The number of lenses covered, and other equipment included will vary depending on the specific policy, as will the value of the cover.


Can amateur photographers get camera lens insurance?

Yes, anyone who owns a camera lens can take out camera lens insurance. Camera lens insurance is not limited to professional photographers and commercial use, and amateur photographers with their own equipment can also choose to have cover.


Can I have camera lens insurance on second hand equipment?

The majority of camera lens insurance providers will not offer cover for second hand equipment. This is because there is no guarantee of the condition of the lens when purchased second hand, and you will not know how the equipment was cared for prior to your purchase. Camera lens insurance is generally available only on brand new equipment.


Do I Need Camera Lens Insurance If I Have Home Contents Insurance?

If you have home contents insurance it may cover your camera lenses, although this is not guaranteed. It will depend on your specific policy, single article limit and insurance provider. With camera lens insurance, you can guarantee that your equipment is completely protected should something go wrong.


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