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Compare family gadget insurance

Families increasingly rely on electronic gadgets to live their often fast-paced lives, but many of these devices can be very pricey. That’s why it might be a good idea to invest in a suitable family gadget insurance policy, which can protect your household’s electronic devices against the risk of theft or damage by an insurable event.

A family gadget can be any portable electronic item, for example, mobile phone, smartphone, smart TV, laptop, camera, games console, desktop PC, iPad, iPhone, etc.

Gadget insurance covers your family’s electronic gadgets at home, work, school, or abroad. They’re especially vulnerable to damage, loss, or theft because we use them so regularly.

What circumstances does family gadget insurance cover?

A family gadget insurance package lets you claim when any device or gadget is stolen, lost or damaged by an insurable event like a fire or flood.

Some of the best family gadget insurance policies will also cover your family’s devices against accidental damage, water damage or cracked screens, and you can usually include to add accidental damage cover to your policy if it isn’t included as standard.

Why should I seriously consider family gadget insurance?

Considering family gadget insurance is ideal if:

  • You have high-end smartphones, tablets and gadgets.
  • You frequently lose or accidentally break gadgets.
  • You’d struggle to replace your equipment.
  • Your devices are broken, or you need a replacement quickly.
How do I make a claim on my family gadget insurance?

Should your gadget be lost or stolen, it is essential to immediately notify the police to make a report and obtain a crime number, which will be required by the insurer. After that you should:

  • Get a call across to your insurer through their phone number listed on your policy paperwork to submit a claim.
  • Describe the loss or damage in detail. While a claim form may be required, most insurers will collect information over the phone.
  • Send whatever papers your insurer requests.
How many devices can be covered by family gadget insurance?

Confirm with your insurance provider as to the number of devices which can be covered. Rather than the number of family members, family coverage is generally dependent on the number of gadgets and their overall worth.

How soon can you claim on your family gadget insurance?

Some insurers allow you to make a claim right away. Check your policy’s conditions because some don’t allow claims during the first 14 days of the start of the policy. If your policy covers more than one item, you can claim for all of them.

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras are increasingly common home devices, all of which are expensive to replace in case of theft or loss. This is why you need family gadget insurance for all of your family’s devices.