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Samsung Galaxy Insurance

If you’re into your tech, you’ll know that Samsung Galaxy mobiles put the ‘smart’ into smartphone. They’re renowned for innovative functioning, user-friendly applications, and brilliant physical features. While this is true, it doesn’t mean they are 100% protected from damage. These popular pieces of technology do boast protective features, such as waterproofing, but that is still no guarantee. If dropped in a muddy puddle while running, for example, there’s still every chance your Samsung Galaxy phone will return with a cracked screen and water damage.

A nightmare? Well — not any more! Quotezone.co.uk provides a range of options for you to insure your Samsung Galaxy and to compare quotes in order to find the best deal. While insurance seems like a costly purchase initially, it’s an absolute bargain when considering everything that a good insurance policy will protect you from. 

How much is Samsung phone insurance?

The average insurance policy for Samsung Galaxy models is around £3 to £6 per month. This differs slightly depending on the provider, but the key thing to note is that each provider has a fair reason for the price they offer. For example, pricier insurance plans will naturally come with a wider scope of protective features. 

What’s more, lots of providers tend to offer deals and bundles that give a further reason for their price. For example, some providers might offer you your first two or three months entirely free, while others may offer the chance to insure multiple gadgets under one insurance plan. 

The price may also differ depending on the types of damages you can claim and how often you can do so. For example, some providers will have a standard policy of two theft/loss claims per gadget per year. 

How does phone insurance work?

For those who have never taken out an insurance policy on their beloved gadgets, the process can feel quite mystifying. However, it doesn’t need to be; while effort is required to find a good and suitable phone insurance policy, the logic behind insurance isn’t all that complicated.

Simply put, mobile phone insurance policies are specialist packages, often billed annually or monthly, that cover the cost of replacing or repairing your phone if it’s lost, stolen, damaged, or broken. You’ll be able to protect your phone from water damage, cracked screens, and much more. 

To find the best policy for you, Quotezone.co.uk have a handy service and directory where you can compare quotes from different providers. We have over 3 million happy customers — so we must be doing something right! 

Does Samsung Galaxy phone insurance cover a cracked screen?

You’ll have to check the specifics with your chosen provider, but many phone insurance policies will cover a cracked screen.