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Pixel Smartphone Insurance

Here’s the lowdown on the Google Pixel smartphone and what it has to offer the user.

Why should I buy specialist gadget insurance for my Google Pixel smartphone?

Google boasts that its Google pixel is fully water proof. While the amount of water that a Google Pixel phone can cope with is impressive, having liquid damage coverage is still essential.


How much protection from liquid spillages does it have?

If your phone has a liquid resistant case, you may very well ask: just how much water can it cope with? If you want to go into the in-depth specifics of how waterproof the Google Pixel is, then you need to visit Youtube. To summarise, a Pixel handset can withstand some pretty vigorous showering and still continue to work fine. The Pixel 4’s USB port might be affected, as might the headphone jack, but the screen function should be virtually unchanged. Full immersion in water, on the other hand, will probably be too much of a challenge.


I use my phone to take a lot of pictures, the camera is the most important part

As both software and hardware have developed over the years, the smartphone has grown an exponential capacity to take professional level photographs. Google Pixel phones have some of the best cameras out there – and some incredible video recording capacity too.

Pixel 5 has an ‘ultrawide’ lens for photographers who like to try out unusual compositions, and the capacity to use ‘Nightsight’ in portrait mode, meaning it’s easier to take perfect selfies with friends at night.

The larger models allow for video to be taken with up to 60 frames per second. That said, it is so important to keep your photographs and videos backed up – as you never know what is going to happen. If your phone is stolen, all your hard work could be lost forever, so although it’s a chore: back up your data.


I have specialist lenses for my camera phone – will those be covered by my insurance?

It’s possible to buy some seriously impressive photography kit to improve your Pixel phone. Fisheye lenses, macro, wide and tele-lenses can all be bought and fitted to your camera phone to take even more impressive pictures. Many insurance policies will cover £200 worth of accessories, or even more.

So if you have your bag or rucksack taken and your phone is in there with lenses, a tripod or mounts, then this can all be included in a fairly standard insurance policy. The only thing to check is the value of the equipment, as it can quickly total up and the vast majority of providers will have a ceiling for phone accessories they are willing to cover.


How important is the small print on my Google Pixel insurance policy?

Check if the policy will replace the additional equipment like for like or with an equivalent product. It’s important to keep the receipts for these items even though they cost a lot less than the phone itself – as you will be expected to provide proof of purchase.