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How can I buy additional insurance for my GoPro?

At Quotezone.co.uk we can provide quick and simple comparisons between insurance providers that often offer wider benefits to your GoPro Warranty. The warranty has time limits (12 months) and will not cover for accidental damage for any of their warranties. If it fails due to a manufacturing defect, it will be covered. So additional insurance may be well worth investing in.


I thought GoPros were meant to be indestructible – should I still get cover?

It does take a lot to break a GoPro. They are designed to accompany you to any extreme. Cold, heat, heights, water: you name it and a GoPro can withstand it. Although it is unlikely that a single incident will break your GoPro, damage can build up over time and the frequency of usage. Just because you can’t link a breakage to one single event, it doesn’t mean you aren’t covered. And although GoPros are great value, they still represent an investment and there’s no need to be left footing a bill if the worst happens.


I take my GoPro everywhere, how can I protect it?

GoPros can be vulnerable in other ways too. Thieves love them. They are small, portable, which makes them a prime target. When you are off on your adventures, it will be clear that you are a tourist, and professional thieves will know that items like GoPros will be in your luggage. They are so easy to wipe and sell that it’s easy to understand why so many get stolen on holiday.


What if I’ve lost it?

If you lose your GoPro or it’s stolen, the warranty will not cover you. But GoPros have some handy features that make them comparatively easy to find when you’ve lost them on holiday – if you know how to swim that is! If your GoPro has fallen or toppled somewhere as you’ve been pursuing the perfect picture, why not try the following? You can turn the wifi of the newer models on through the GoPro app, and from there it’s possible to remotely access the “locate camera” option. You’ll even be able to see through the camera’s lens to make life even more straightforward – unless it’s at the bottom of the sea or a river. It’s claimed that one GoPro camera was found at the bottom of the sea around Hawaii and returned to its owner after six years.


GoPros can even keep you safe on your bike

In the unlucky event of a cyclist who has been hurt by dangerous drivers, GoPro footage has been used as evidence to prove wrongdoing in court and support the claim of an injured party. Legal experts recommend using GoPros if you cycle regularly on busy streets or near accident hotspots, as video footage is more accurate than most eye-witnesses. Some cyclists report that just wearing a GoPro changes to attitude of motorists towards them. They say that cars and vans drive more slowly and give you more space and if they see you are wearing a camera.