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Find cheap home gadget insurance

Buying home gadget insurance is a smart way of ensuring your tech and gadgets are fully protected, especially given what you forked out for them in the first place. Losing or damaging any of your home gadgets can be very expensive, but having the best home gadget insurance policy in place could mean you won’t have to fork out for those gadgets again if they’re ever stolen or damaged by an insurable event.

Of course, just because home gadget insurance is a sensible investment doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds for it – and that’s where’s where our gadget insurance comparison can help.

What is home gadget insurance?

Home gadget insurance is a type of insurance plan that covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home gadgets if they’re ever lost, damaged, or stolen.

What gadgets are covered by home gadget insurance?

A home gadget insurance policy can be tailored to your own requirements, but in most cases these types of policies can help to protect things like:

Are my home gadgets already covered?

Some of your home gadgets may be covered by other existing insurance policies, so it’s worth looking into this before you take out a new home gadget insurance policy.

For example, some of your home gadgets might already be covered by a product warranty, home insurance plan, multi gadget insurance plan, or travel insurance plan.

By ensuring you aren’t doubling up on insurance, and only taking out cover for anything that isn’t insured at present, you could find cheaper insurance quotes.

Does home gadget insurance cover gadgets outside the home?

You may well have to add something like ‘away from home cover’ to your home gadget insurance in order to ensure you’re specifically covered when you take your laptops, tablets etc outside of the house.

What could home gadget insurance cover?

A comprehensive home gadget insurance plan can cover the following:

  • Complete coverage of all home gadgets
  • Theft of your home gadget from inside the home
  • Theft of your gadget outside the home if your policy includes ‘away from home cover’
  • Loss of your gadget
  • Accidental damage, if your policy includes accidental damage cover
  • Water damage, if your policy includes accidental damage cover.
Does home gadget insurance cover my phone?

Phones often are covered under a home gadget insurance plan, but it’s important to check if that coverage extends to outside the home.

Do I need to inform the police if my device is stolen?

Should your home gadget be stolen, it is important to immediately notify the police to make a report to obtain a crime number, which will be needed when making a claim on your gadget insurance policy.