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Compare Insurance for your Huawei smartphone

Whether you own a Huawei Mate, Enjoy or Nova, it might be a good idea to consider taking out Huawei phone insurance to protect your smartphone.

After all, while some newer Huawei phones might still be under warranty, the best gadget insurance policies can offer much more extensive coverage than you’d get with a manufacturer’s warranty.

For instance, your warranty would usually only cover you if there’s a manufacturing fault with your phone, which means you won’t be covered for theft, loss or accidental damage unless you take out the right Huawei smartphone insurance policy.

Does Huawei insurance cover my phone at home and abroad for damage, accident and theft?

There is such a wide range of different mobile phone insurance options out there, so it’s vital that you compare your policy’s features and exclusions when you’re comparing Huawei insurance.

For instance, some policies may not include accidental damage cover as standard, while others might cover accidents but only if they happen in the UK, so it’s important to read the small print before you take out Huawei insurance.

I live through my phone – how quick is a ‘quick’ replacement if my Huawei is lost or stolen?

There are some providers who offer new phone replacements within 24 hours or repairs inside a 24 to 72 hour window. So if you live through your mobile device, then look out for offers that feature rapid replacement.

Quick cover doesn’t just mean quick to replace, though – some policies might only start covering your phone after an initial period, whereas some of the best Huawei insurance policies can ensure you’re covered straightaway. Look out for cover that starts immediately and makes sure your phone is safe within the hour.

What if someone steals my phone and makes 1,000s of calls? Does Huawei insurance cover that?

Deep breaths. If your phone is stolen, make sure you report it to the police as soon as you notice. Even if time has elapsed between the theft and you noticing, the police will note the time you believe it was stolen.

Many Huawei phone insurance policies will cover part or all of the cost of unauthorised calls made from a stolen phone, provided your phone wasn’t left unattended at the time of the theft. However, it would be a good idea to activate your phone’s automatic fingerprint or PIN code lock, which could reduce the risk of unauthorised calls if your phone is stolen.