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Insurance For Acer Laptops

Ensure your device and its accessories are protected with the best quotes for Acer laptop 

We use them every day for work, pleasure and learning. But what would happen if your laptop is damaged, stolen or lost? Would you be able to pay for a replacement or its repair? That’s exactly what Acer laptop insurance is for. 

With an appropriate policy in place, you can have peace of mind in the worst-case scenario and you don’t need to worry about being without your device for too long.


Do I have to get Acer laptop insurance?

No, but it’s very wise to buy additional insurance. While you might see it as an unnecessary expense, what would you do if your laptop was lost, stolen or damaged? Often the cost of replacing or repairing your device is much more than it costs to get insurance. 


What is Acer laptop insurance?

Acer laptop insurance protects your PC from damaging things like loss, accidents, liquid damage, fire and heat damage, theft and more. If you make a claim that’s accepted, you’ll usually receive a payout, replacement laptop or your laptop will be repaired. 


If my Acer laptop is under warranty, do I need insurance?

After the year’s warranty is up you will need to invest in laptop insurance. Warranty only protects your device from mechanical breakdown but doesn’t cover against accidental damage, loss or theft. 


Does my house insurance cover my laptop?

Yes, homeowners and contents insurance usually includes personal property like laptops. However, if you want to insure a work laptop, you should check with your employer to see if they have a policy in place. If your personal laptop is of a particularly high value, you may also want to consider additional protection. 


What is accidental damage protection?

This type of protection covers your laptop for damage like cracked screens, spilled drinks, dropping or bumping your device. Sometimes, accidental loss is included but this may be a premium feature which costs more. 


Is water damage covered by laptop insurance?

Yes, water damage, both spilled drinks and damage caused by being near water, is often covered in accidental damage protection. 


Is my Acer laptop covered for cosmetic damage?

No. Unless you pay a premium, standard laptop insurance will only cover you for damage that impacts whether or not your device works or not. Cosmetic damage like scuffs, scrapes and scratches usually comes under wear and tear and won’t be covered. 


Who insures an Acer laptop for business purposes?

Typically, employers should take out business laptop insurance. If you are the employer, commercial property insurance will cover all business equipment including phones and laptops, as well as the work and software installed on them. Commercial property insurance will also cover a laptop that is lost, stolen or damaged, and will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing it.