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Compare Lenovo Laptop Insurance 

Lenovo laptops are great value for money and one of the most popular choices for business and work purposes. However, as with any work laptop, if they are lost, stolen or damaged, it’s likely that you need to get a replacement – fast.

An appropriate laptop insurance policy can ensure that you get your Lenovo laptop working again, or provide you with a replacement, meaning you can return to work with as little stress as possible. 


Do Lenovo laptops come with a warranty?

Yes, all new Lenovo laptops come with a standard warranty which covers against defects in the material or workmanship of the device. This typically lasts for a year. After this time, it’s wise to get an insurance policy in place.


Why choose Lenovo laptop insurance?

Lenovo laptops are popular for their reliability but it’s still wise to protect your device. Lenovo laptop insurance protects your device in the event of loss, theft and damage. 


What does Lenovo laptop insurance cover against?

Lenovo laptop insurance will protect your device if the screen becomes cracked, against liquid damage, accidental damage, theft, loss or vandalism. Fire and heat damage is also covered under most policies. 


Who should insure a business laptop?

If you’ve been given a Lenovo laptop at work, it’s likely that it will be insured with the business itself through a commercial property policy. If you’re not sure, though, it’s wise to check before you travel with your laptop or take it home with you. 


Will my business Lenovo laptop be insured at home?

Yes, usually if your laptop is a business one but is insured along with other business possessions, it is covered for any accidents, thefts or losses that occur at home, or on the way to and from work. If you intend to travel abroad with your work laptop, you may need additional insurance though. For this reason, it’s best to check your individual policies. 


Is my Lenovo laptop protected against accidental damage?

Yes, if your laptop has Lenovo accidental damage warranty or insurance that covers this, it will be protected against spillages, drops, bumps and any damage that occurs during normal operating conditions and handling. 


What is included in Lenovo laptop insurance?

Whilst every insurance policy is different, typically the Lenovo device itself, charger and battery are included in the cover. They are also covered in the first year of warranty too. 


Are Lenovo laptops included in home contents insurance?

It is important to check your individual homeowners and contents insurance policy but usually laptops and gadgets will be included. If your device is particularly expensive or valuable however, you may want to consider additional protection to cover its full value.