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Toshiba laptop Insurance

It’s never been easier to find the best quotes on Toshiba laptop insurance

We live in a world where our laptops not only contain personal information and memories, but our favourite music, downloaded TV programmes and essential pieces of work. Without it, we’re lost. That’s exactly where Toshiba laptop insurance comes in.

Whether theft, loss or damage, having an appropriate laptop insurance policy in place means you’ll be protected in the worst-case scenario. 


Is Toshiba laptop insurance worth getting?

In short, yes. While you might view it as an expense, the price of having to repair or replace a lost, stolen or damaged laptop is likely to be much more. If you use your Toshiba laptop for work purposes, and it breaks or goes missing, you’ll also probably need a replacement fast which your insurance provider will be able to help with.


What does Toshiba laptop insurance cover against?

Comprehensive laptop insurance will protect you and your device in the event of theft, vandalism, accidents, spillages, fire and electrical breakdown. 


Can you insure a broken laptop?

No, you should insure your laptop before it’s broken. For the first year, your Toshiba laptop is likely to be under warranty though. After that, it’s wise to invest in Toshiba laptop insurance.


Will my house insurance cover my Toshiba laptop?

Yes, if your Toshiba laptop is a personal one, it is likely to be included in your homeowners and contents insurance. If your laptop is of high value or particularly precious however, it could be wise to purchase additional cover to ensure it’s protected for its full value. If you have a Toshiba laptop that is owned by your work, it’s likely they will have cover in place. 


What is accidental damage protection?

Toshiba accidental damage protection covers against things like liquid damage, dropping your laptop, and cracked screens. Occasionally, accidental loss is included but you usually have to pay a premium for this. 


Does insurance protect my Toshiba laptop screen?

Yes, this is one of the most common laptop repair issues and is covered by laptop insurance.


What is commercial property insurance for laptops?

Commonly taken out by business owners, commercial property insurance covers all business equipment including laptops and the work/software on them. Lost, stolen or damaged laptops will also be protected with these policies. 


Who insures my work laptop?

Usually business owners will take out a policy like commercial property insurance to cover all business equipment. However, most home insurance policies also include protection for home business equipment like computers, phones and screens. 


Should I tell my insurer that I work from home? 

Yes, it’s important to keep your insurer up to date with your working arrangements as they can ensure you have the right laptop insurance policy.