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Cheap Insurance for your Xiaomi smartphone

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What is the best way to buy additional insurance for your Xiaomi phone?

At Quotezone.co.uk we provide quick and simple comparisons between providers that can often offer wider benefits than your standard Xiaomi warranty. Your warranty usually has a time limit of 12 months, and also will not cover for accidental damage. If your phone failure is due to a manufacturing defect, it will be covered, but securing additional cheap phone insurance may be well be worth considering to.


What if my phone stops working and I don’t know why?

Depending on your policy and factors such as the age of your phone you will usually be able to cover your phone from unexpected damages and issues. If for some reason it’s to do with the manufacturer, then your insurance will let you know and give you advice on what to do next. 


I spent a lot on my phone case… And all my apps, Is that covered?

It is certainly possible to cover accessories and apps as many insurance policies will cover the accessories that can be stolen or damaged along with your phone. Providers know it can all add up so estimate what your set up has cost you and go with the deal that best matches that. Many people believe that once your phone has been lost or stolen, they will have to re-purchase all their apps, however this is not always the case. Refer to your policy details for a more detailed breakdown of what you can cover.


It’s my fault the screen cracked, am I still covered?

Most insurance will cover your Xiaomi phone from accidental damage, even if you caused it. It is always best to refer to you policy details for reference on what is likely to be classified as accidental damage.


What about my photos?

The best thing to do in any circumstance is to save your pictures and videos to a cloud. Or at least regularly back them up to your laptop. This way you always have direct access to your pictures regardless of what happens to your phone. Most contracts will give you some level of automatic cloud backup for pictures but expanding on their offer is very affordable.