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Multi gadget insurance

Multi gadget insurance is a premium insurance package that covers basic multiple gadgets and devices. Sometimes mistakes happen, and you may unintentionally drop your smartphone in water leading to unavoidable damage, or perhaps misplace your phone or it may have been stolen. This can happen to even the most cautious of people, and that is why it is a smart move to insure your multi gadgets.


Why choose multi gadget insurance?

The benefits of multi gadget insurance cannot be overemphasised; instead of opting for a single insurance policy you have the opportunity of insuring all your devices for a cost-effective monthly fee. Multi gadget insurance is designed to protect all your gadgets with a single plan. This plan includes coverage for theft, loss, damage, and much more. You can even get an extended cover for general faults.


What is covered by multi gadget insurance?

Gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, wearable devices, and games consoles can all be covered in a multi device plan. Other devices which can be protected include satellite navigation systems, Kindles and other e-reader devices, and many more. Given the rapid pace of tech advancement, gadgets are in abundance and the majority of people will have a number of different devices. This is especially the case for mobile phones, laptops and smartwatches, where multi gadget insurance helps to protect all your gadgets under one single policy. This is where Quotezone can help.


What can be included in a multi gadget insurance plan?

A multi insurance package entitles you to a claim when any device or gadget falls under any of these categories:

Accidental Damage

To err is human. There is a possibility of you accidentally damaging your phone; however, instead of you paying for your expensive mistake, it is much more cost effective and reassuring to have multi gadget insurance in place to protect you and cover the cost. With a good comprehensive multi gadget insurance plan, your insurance company will take over the cost of repairing your gadget. If it is unrepairable, they are bound by insurance law to get you a replacement as quickly as possible.

Liquid Damage

The policy will also cover gadgets that are damaged due to exposure to water or any other liquid, leading to the unrepairable damage of your device.


Regular breakdown or the development of technical issues such as cracked screens, faulty batteries and other issues are common with the many smart devices available on the market today. However, with a comprehensive multi gadget insurance policy, you will be protected in case of any eventuality.

Theft or Loss

Theft is a common issue with devices that are so portable. Loss even more so. Most multi gadget insurance policies will cover you for theft and loss.

How do I make an insurance claim for my gadgets?

Should your device get lost or stolen, it is important to notify the police immediately in order to obtain a crime number. The insurance provider will require this number to validate your claim.

Make a call to your insurance firm to file a claim:

  • Get a call across to your insurer through their phone number listed on your policy paperwork to submit a claim.
  • Describe the loss, theft or damage in detail. While a claim form may be required, most insurers will collect information over the phone.
  • Submit whatever papers your insurer requests.

Why do I need multi gadget insurance?

Price factor: Price is important, as the initial cost of purchasing your device is likely to be high.

Peace of mind: Knowing that you are covered in case of any unfortunate occurrence regarding your gadgets helps stop any worry.

Convenience: The ease of purchasing multi gadget insurance with a relatively low monthly cost compared with the price of gadgets insured is a key selling point for the multi gadget insurance package.


How important is it to read the insurance terms and conditions?

Research has shown that a significant percentage of people who purchase a gadget insurance policy do not read the terms and conditions in full, simply because they see it as lengthy and perhaps difficult to comprehend.

As a result, not reading the documentation could lead to an issue when filing a gadget insurance claim. Therefore, it is vital to go through the terms and conditions to know the strengths, opportunities and limitations in the multi gadget policy before purchasing it.


What issues may arise when attempting to make a claim on a policy?

  • Denial of the claim if the device is inaccurately described in the coverage plan, such as providing an incorrect serial number.
  • The cost of excess exceeds the cost of repair or replacement due to a limited multi gadget insurance plan. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase a comprehensive multi gadget insurance plan to ensure you are fully covered.

How soon can you claim on your multi gadget insurance policy?

It is advisable to check your insurance policy’s conditions as to when your multi gadget insurance becomes effective. Note that some insurers do not allow claims during the first 14 days of taking out the policy. If your policy covers more than one item, you can claim for all of them.

With multi gadget insurance, you can rest easy knowing your gadgets are covered against theft, accidental damage and technical failure. This is a low-cost solution to secure your family’s precious electronic gadgets at home or in the office. With multi-gadget insurance coverage, you can secure all of your devices for one low monthly fee with the peace of mind that you are protected.