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Compare Samsung Galaxy S10 insurance 

We all know the troubles of caring for a new phone. While you’re checking out the swanky apps and fresh camera, you’re undoubtedly also thinking of ways to protect your phone against damage. Though personal vigilance and maintenance are, of course, vital, you can’t protect your phone against every possible mishap. 

That’s why it’s important to seriously consider taking out insurance for your Samsung Galaxy S10. That way, no matter the situation — whether water damage or theft — you’re protected. If you’re considering buying Samsung Galaxy S10 insurance, the next step is to compare policies from different insurance providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal. That’s how Quotezone.co.uk can help! 

What does my Samsung Galaxy S10 insurance cover?

The reason phone insurance is so popular is the sheer breadth of situations it protects you against. A Samsung Galaxy S10 is a nice piece of technology; of course, if you’ve just bought one you’ll know it’s also accordingly pricey. That’s why it’s worth paying that little bit extra to make sure you’re sorted in any kind of situation.

This can include:

  • Mechanical faults, breakdowns, and faulty technology
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental liquid damage, such as water damage
  • Physical damage such as a cracked screen 

It’s worth noting that each provider will have a different policy with regard to what you can claim for and the frequency of claims. For example, some providers may only allow you to claim for loss or theft two times per year per device. That’s why it’s important to make a decision about the best policy for you by searching for quotes. 

How can I claim insurance on my stolen Samsung Galaxy S10?

Having an external insurance provider is of the utmost importance for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S10 against theft, as the Samsung Care+ policy currently does not protect against theft. 

The procedure for claiming an insured replacement on a stolen device is quite straightforward. As you might imagine, the first step is to contact your local police station when you realise your phone has been stolen. After going through this procedure, you’ll be given a crime reference number to support your theft claim.

From here, contact your insurance provider and quote your crime reference number.

What is the best insurance provider for Samsung Galaxy S10 phones?

Quotezone.co.uk provides a handy service that allows you to compare many of the UK’s top mobile phone insurance providers

In order to determine the best provider for your Samsung Galaxy S10, compare each listed insurance provider to check your personal requirements against the insurance plans they offer.