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Sat Nav Insurance

“I love my satnav, I’d be lost without it.”  Perhaps not that funny, but certainly true.

Believe it or not, one-third of all drivers in the UK say they would be lost without a sat nav. And a whopping 64% of us would be too embarrassed to ask for help if we got lost, according to a survey by Europcar. Thankfully, satnavs get us from A to B and spare us red faces or fighting with a crumpled map. These portable gadgets are the prized possessions we don’t always value highly enough.

Because we invest our hard-earned cash into choosing the right navigational devices, we can protect them cheaply to avoid being lost without them. Quite literally. We also know that because our satnav is vital to keeping us on the right track, it will be highly desired by others. So, protecting from loss that’s accidental or malicious is the best way of keeping us motoring.

Comparing quotes quickly from providers you know and trust will save you from ever needing to dig out that out-of-date map and spare you a red face too. We can guarantee that our reliable and secure website will give you the deals you want in an instant – our recent testimonials speak for themselves. Quotezone.co.uk helps you protect your valuables so you can live life on the go.


Why do people buy satnav insurance?

A portable satnav is an investment, they don’t come cheap. They can cost between £70 and £350. Making a choice to finance a satnav over a phone app means you take travel seriously. If you’ve ploughed your money into purchasing one of these devices, you can keep it safe for a couple of pounds a month. In the event it gets lost, damaged, stolen or simply stops working, an insurance pay-out means you can get back on the road quickly.


Is it worth buying a portable satnav?

You may think it’s just easier to load up your smartphone and use the pre-installed map apps but there are plenty of reasons to invest in a portable satnav. Portable sat navs are generally more sophisticated and give you up to date traffic information, saving you time and stress.

A shop-bought navigational system is better for those of us who are all fingers and thumbs with tech or in a hurry because they are generally more simple to operate than smartphone apps. Screens are larger and the sound plays through the audio system in your car. Portable systems don’t run out of battery like phones. Phone-based map apps can massively eat up your data and storage which portables systems avoid.

Generally, investing in a portable system saves you time, energy and keeps your phone free for use when your reach your destination.


Are you allowed to touch your portable sat nav whilst driving?

Holding any navigational device when the car is moving, or even if you are stopped at traffic lights is a punishable offence. You can be charged with careless driving if your driving is deemed impaired as a result of holding a device.

Currently, the law on operating a device that’s mounted on to your window or dashboard is not as clear. However, rule 149 of the Highway Code states that a driver must exercise proper control of the vehicle at all times.

To avoid any confusion, it’s best to pull up in a safe place when you want to change or re-program your mounted device. It eradicates any misinterpretation of the law and keeps you and your passengers safe.


Where can I legally place a portable sat nav?

According to the Highway Code, windows must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision. So, can you place your portable satnav on the windscreen? Whilst it’s not technically illegal, if it is deemed that the device blocks your vision or your direct line of sight you could end up with a fine.

To avoid this, place your satnav in these areas of your car: on the dashboard or low down on the windscreen. If you opt for the dashboard, use the device holder provided to secure the satnav on to your dashboard, away from the windscreen.

If you do need to use the windscreen, place it low down ensuring the majority of the screen stays clear. The other recommended place is the low bottom right of the windscreen, again keeping your line of vision clear.

Whilst these devices generally stay put, if they do slip or come away from their position, make sure you pull over safely to correct the problem.


Are you allowed to use your phone as a sat-nav?

Yes, you can. However, it has to be hands free and securely placed without restricting your view. Strict laws mean you can be prosecuted if you touch your phone whilst driving.

If using phone as a navigational tool you must input your destination before you set off and pull over to make any changes to your route once you have started the journey. Touching the phone even to activate music can result in prosecution.

Touching your phone at all during your journey can result in six penalty points on your licence and a £200 fine. If you are a new driver (qualified for less than two years), and you are caught holding your phone when driving, you can lose your licence.

Choosing a portable system means you can keep your phone out of reach throughout your journey.


When is the best time to update my satnav?

One of the reasons people buy a satnav is to avoid annoying traffic jams or running into road works. Updating your system regularly is a must. According to Halfords, you should run an update once every three to six months.

Even if you aren’t travelling the length and breadth of the country and your journeys are more local, updating ensures you don’t lengthen your journey time. Roads change constantly and updating means your drive will be less disrupted.

Updating isn’t just good for you, it is good for the device. Satnav updates can solve common system problems or just add new features.

Updating might take some time so always consider this before you hook it up to the wi-fi.